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Original black W.W.1. medal case of issue (only) for DISTINGUISHED SERVICE ORDER or D.S.O. This a period titled case with gilt D.S.O. tooled on upper outside lid. The inside upper lid with silk cover, maker GARARD & Co. Ltd. To his Majesty the King  etc. padded inset base for D.S.O. With 2 original hinges and working press button to open, issued 1916-1936 E.F.
Original black W.W.1. medal case of issue (only) for Distinguished Flying Cross (D.F.C.) This a period titled case with gilt D.F.C. tooled on upper outside lid. The inside upper lid with white padded silk, marked ‘John Pinches Medalist London, 21 Albert Embankment’. Inset base for D.F.C.  With 2 original hinges and working press button to open, issued 1918-1936. Silk covering hinges ripped 1" from base only (see picture) otherwise E.F.
Group of 9 to MAJOR A CLOWES Royal Army Ordnance Corps. Geo.VI. M.B.E. (2nd type) Military, British War & Victory Medal DM2-170245 Pte. A. CLOWES, A.S.C. 1939-1945, Africa, Italy, France & Germany Stars, Defence and War medals (unnamed) Copy Lon. Gaz. for M.B.E. 1.7.1941.  A good early award for the starting Africa Campaign in a named medal group. Copy M.I.C., Lon. Gaz., Army Lists. N.E.F.

British War Medal F.27067 J.C. HUGHES, R.N.A.S. Joseph Charles Hughes born Ladywood, Birmingham 13.12.1891 a sheet metal worker, served at Felixstowe with 231 Sqd. Copy medal roll (B.W.M. only) & Service Papers. One e/k otherwise G.V.F.

Manfred von Richthofen's 25th Victory of 80, Lieut. Arthur John Pearson, shot down in his  D.H.2. single seat Scout of 29 Squadron.
Geo.V. Military Cross reverse contempory engraved 'RICHEBOURG L'AVOUE (BOARS HEAD) JUNE 29-30. 1916 2nd LIEUt. A.J. PEARSON, M.G. CORPS.
All this in 5 separate lines.
Military Cross London Gazette 19.8.1916. (Battle of the Somme). Temp. 2nd Lieut. (116th Co.) Machine Gun Corps.
“For conspicuous gallantry during operations. When held up by the enemy's wire after an advance through heavy fire, he established himself in a shell hole & held on for 5 hours. He then withdrew, bringing back his gun & a wounded man”.
Arthur John Pearson was to become Manfred von Richthofen 25th victory on 9.3.1917 as a Pilot on DH2's with 29 Squadron Born July 1887, Steeple Claydon, Bucks,  lived In Leighton Buzzard. The family business was 'coal & iron' agents. Educated Royal Latin School & worked with the Western Electric Co., of Woolwich. Attested September 1914 as a Private Royal Fusiliers, commissioned 2nd Lieutenant Northamptonshire Regiment 27.3.1915, transferred to Machine Gun Corps 1916. Transferred to Royal Flying Corps training as a Pilot at the Central Flying School, then joining 29 Squadron in France December 1916.
On 4.3.1917 he shared in the bringing down of an Albatros D11 flown by Ltn. Max Bohme, Jasta 5 (made P.O.W. & airplane captured & numbered G14). Pearson then shot down in flames & killed 9.3.1917 flying DH2. A2571 by Ltn. Manfred von Richthofen of Jasta 11 between Roclincourt & Bailleul-sir-Berthoult, North East of Arras.
File of research. Copy picture, M.I.C.(pair) address Shenley House, Heath, Leighton Buzzard, C.W.G.C., Heath & Reach Memorial, Hendon casualty cards (2), Air 76, Officers papers, German Red X reports, M.G.C. operation report & War Diary, 6 of his Combat Reports, casualty report, detail of his victory over Ltn. Max Bohme who was taken P.O.W. & his captured aircraft (G14), German list of victories including M von R's claim, his combat report for this victory, 29 Sqd. article etc., etc. Note The M.C. is contemporary named to the M.G.C. his previous unit where he won it & quotes Richebourg L'Avoue (Boars Head) etc detail that isn't in the Gazette, nor the War Diary etc until I did the original M.C. citation London Gazette detail from T.N.A. where it says 'Richebourg & L'Avoue' as last picture from which you need imagination to read the L'Avoue bit. E.F. near Mint

Private A.T. Barry, Somerset Light Infantry, later Middlesex Regiment.
2904. British War Medal to 9441 PTE. A.T. BARRY, SOM. L.I. India General Service Medal 1908, Geo V, one bar Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919. 9441 PTE. A. BARRY, 2/SOM. LT. INFY. Defence Medal and War Medal 39-45, Efficiency Medal, Geo VI, bar Territorial 5662183 PTE. A.T. BARRY, MIDD'X R. Pte. Arthur Thomas Barry. Copy M.I.C. (B.W.M. & I.G.S. only) Collectors notes :- believed joined T.A. 1933, E.M. (T) issued Dec. 1942. listed in Army Order Aug. 1946. First two fine polished, others E.F.

A good Burma, India & Boer War campaign group of three awarded to Colonel P. R. MANTELL ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS who was wounded at ROOIDAM in South Africa May 1900 & awarded the D.S.O. The D.S.O. I expect was in part for his commanding the R.W.Fus. for this action.
India General Service 1854-95, 2 bars Burma 1885-7 & Hazara 1891 LIEUTT. P.R. MANTELL, 1st Bn. R.W. FUS. Queen's South Africa 1899-1902, 5 bars Cape Colony, Tugela Heights, Orange Free State, Relief of Ladysmith, Transvaal MAJOR: P. R. MANTELL. D.S.O., WELSH. FUS: King's South Africa 1901-02, 2 bars South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902 MAJ. P. R. MANTELL, D.S.O. RL. WELSH FUS.
D.S.O. London Gazette 27.9.1901. He was invested with the Distinguished Service Order by the King 28.3.1903.
Mentioned in Despatches London Gazette 8.2.1901.
Mentioned in Despatches London Gazette 10.9.1901.
Patrick Riners Mantell born Sialkot, India 28.12.1862, the son of Colonel Riners Mantell, Indian Medical Service. Commissioned in the Leinster Regiment direct from the R.M.C. Sandhurst, transferred to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers 20.10.1883.
Served in Burma operations 1885-87 & Hazara Expedition 1891, advanced to Captain in the 1st Battalion 13.7.1892. Promoted Major 6.10.1900 & in South Africa present in the Relief of Ladysmith, including the battle of COLENSO, operations on the Tugela Heights (14-27 February 1900)& the action at Pieter's Hill, operations in the Transvaal in May-June 1900; operations in the Transvaal West of Pretoria, including actions at Frederickstad (17 and 25 October) Cape Colony, North of the Orange River, the action at ROOIDAM (wounded), the Transvaal November 1900 to September 1901 & the Orange River Colony from September 1901 until May 1902. He also served as Garrison Adjutant at Potchefstroom, as Commandant at Frederickstad.
The action at Rooidam 5.5.1900, where Mantell commanded the Regiment was wounded, Broughton-Mainwaring's Historical Record of The Royal Welch Fusiliers, states:
'On 5.5.1900, the Royal Welsh Fusiliers played a conspicuous part in the action at Rooidam their casualties were 1 Officer, 7 O/R's K.I.A., 2 Officers & 14 O/R's wounded. 'The advance of the Fusiliers,' it was stated, 'was irresistible, & for once the Boer loss, as they were hustled from kopje to kopje, appears to be greater than the British.' The enemy force of 2,000 was routed with considerable loss, & the way was cleared for the flying column under Colonel Mahon to proceed to the relief of Mafeking … Captain Mantell was mentioned in despatches (M.I.D.) for his gallant and skilful leading on this occasion.'
Mantell made Major in October 1900. Appointed the senior Major of the 1st Battalion in May 1904, he commanded the 2nd Battalion as Lieutenant-Colonel 1907-1911 & was placed on the Retired List as a Colonel 1911. Retired 5.6.1912. He died in January 1936; sold with an original letter of reference in Mantell's hand, in respect of a Corporal Hughes of the R.W.F. & a quantity of copied research. Minor contact wear, generally V.F.

Afghanistan 1878-80, 1 bar Kandahar. 1425, PTE. H. WEBBER, 66th FOOT. The Berkshire Regiment famous for the action at the battle of Maiwand, 27 July 1880 where the 66th Foot lost 10 officers and 275 O/R's killed in action. The survivors of Maiwand continued on the march to Kandahar. One letter of surname officially corrected (see 'B' in picture), minor edge cut V.F.

Private ALEXANDER JOSS, Royal Highlanders WOUNDED El Teb 29.2.1884.
Egypt & Sudan1882-89 undated reverse, 1 bar El-Teb. 907, Pte. A. JOSS, 1/RL. HIGHRS. Khedive's Star undated, unnamed. Scarce to unit approximately 67 single 'El-Teb' bar medals awarded to the Royal Highlanders (The Black Watch).
The Royal Highlanders had 3 men killed & one died of wounds, & 3 officers and 19 men wounded at El-Teb. The total British losses in this action amounted to 4 Officers, 26 men killed, & 160 Officers & men wounded. Copy Medal Roll. Pitting from Star, N.V.F.

Sergeant E. A. JARVIS, Royal Marines Killed in Action Tel-El-Kebir 13.9.1882. Commemorated on Chatham Memorial.
Egypt and Sudan 1882-1889 dated reverse, 1 bar Tel-El-Kebir E. A. JARVIS, SERGT., R.M. Khedive's Star 1882.
Tel-El-Kebir casualties to the Royal Marines were 3 K.I.A., 4 Died of Wounds, 48 Wounded. Jarvis was the senior rank K.I.A. from the Marines, there were two other Sgt's wounded. From “The Campaign of 1882 in Egypt” (Col. J.F. Maurice) page 88 The Marines at Tel-El-Kebir 'The Royal Marines advanced without firing a shot up to within 100 yards of the parapet. The Marines seized & held the parapet, but the enemy stubbornly kept their ground in a formed body, 50 feet distant' & in General Garnet Wolseley Despatch - The Battle of Tel-El-Kebir 13th September 1882 - 'In moving over the desert at night, there are no landmarks to guide one's movements, we had consequently to direct our course by the stars. This was well & correctly effected & the leading Brigades of each Division both reached the enemy's works within a couple of minutes of one another. The enemy were completely surprised & it was not until one or two of their advanced sentries fired their rifles that they realised our close proximity to their works. These were however very quickly lined with their infantry who open a deafening musketry fire & their guns came into action immediately. Our troops advanced steadily without firing a shot, in obedience to the orders they had received & when close to the works went straight for them, charging with a ringing cheer. Major General Graham reports :- “The steadiness of the advance of the 2nd Brigade (2nd Battn. Royal Irish Regiment, R.M.L.I., 2nd Battn. York & Lancaster Regiment, 1st Battn. Royal Irish Fusiliers) under what appeared to be an utterly overwhelming fire of musketry & artillery will remain a proud remembrance.” Note - only one E.A. Jarvis on Egypt Medal Roll for Royal Marines, Royal Marine Light Infantry & Royal Marine Brigade. Copy Medal Roll 14 Company, Royal Marine Battalion. (Medal) sent to father John Jarvis, 19.6.1883 Case 339/82. G.V.F.

Victorian Volunteer Force Long Service 180 Pte. P. GRIFFITHS, 1st V.B. RlL. WELSH FUS. impressed naming. Loose suspension, some e/k's otherwise V.F.

Victorian Volunteer Force Long Service Colr. Sergt. P.LI. JONES, 2nd R.W.F. engraved naming. V.F.

EVIIR Volunteer Force Long Service 3624 Pte. J. HUGHES, 2/V.B. RL. WELSH FUS. impressed naming. V.F.

1st Glamorgan Artillery Volunteers, Commandant's Prize Medal, bronze, obverse: central crest & motto with `Commandant's Prize' and `The Gift of Lt. Col. Grant-Francis' around, reverse: a field gun with `Head Quarters, Swansea' below, & regimental title around, the edge impressed `SERGT. W. MORRIS, 1865', 31mm., in velvet-lined fitted leather case, the lid with gilt title, 'First G.V. Artillery' (Glamorgan Volunteers) E.F.

Unusual Meritorious Service Medal to Sergeant R. W. Bool, Royal Air Force an Observer and Airship Rigger R.A.F.
British War and Victory Medals 8658 Sgt. R. W. Bool, R.A.F.; Royal Air Force Meritorious Service Medal, G.V.R. 8658 Serjt. Clerk R. W. Bool, R.A.F., together with related Royal Life Saving Society Medal, bronze, named and dated 1932, and a gold award for use as a watch fob, the reverse engraved, ‘R. W. Bool, 100 Yds. Breast Stroke Champn. 1922’. Unusual flying medal named to a Clerk. M.S.M. London Gazette 1.1.1919. 8658 Sergt. Clerk R.W. Bool, (Pimlico S.W.)
M.S.M. original citation “Has done much excellent and willing work as a Rigger, and also as OBSERVER under instruction”. Sergeant Mechanic Ronald Warren Bool born 1896, lived 86, Warwick St., London S.W., a Civil Servant, enlisted 14 September 1915 as a Clerk, served in France 4.5.1916 – 9.1.1919 with 12 Kite Balloon Section, 16 Balloon Company and 43 Balloon Section, as an Airship Rigger. In R.A.F. Muster Roll April 1918 is shown as Sergeant Clerk (Gen.), died 1984. Copy original M.S.M. citation, Lon. Gaz., Service detail, Balloon Coy. rolls, Census, etc. G.V.F.

1914-15 Star C.Z.5685 J. WALLACE, A.B., R.N. British War Medal & Victory Medals C.Z.5685 J. WALLACE, A.B., R.N.V.R. James Wallace born 23.3.1896 address Alpine Terrace, Ardrossan, Ayrshire. Dangerously WOUNDED (arm) 17.7.1916 HOOD BTN., Royal Naval Division, WOUNDED (leg) 6.8.1916 HOOD BTN, R.N.D. Copy R.N.D. & R.N.V.R. service papers. N.E.F.

Burma Star, Defence & War Medals with Mention in Despatches these unnamed; Geo. VI R.A.F., Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (1937-49 Ind. Imp. swivel susp.) ACT. SQD. LDR. W.M. MACKIE, R.A.F.  Squadron leader William McKenzie Mackie Recommended for M.B.E. 1.1.1945 as Act. Flight Lieutenant No. 30 O.T.U., FOUR TIMES M.I.D. Lon. Gaz. 1.1.1941 (Sgt.) 14.9.1941 (Sgt.) 14.1.1944 (A/Flt. Lieut. R.A.F.V.R.) 1.1.1945 (A/Flt. Lieut.) As a still serving Sqd. Leader died 11.10.1962 R.A.F. Benson. Copy Lon. Gaz's & M.B.E. citation (not awarded). An unusual Officers L.S.G.C. allowed to claim as an Officer with the change of rules 1949 having previously had 15 years service in the ranks. V.F.

Tomlin family group to three brothers, one K.I.A. Gallipoli, another died & one survived.
1914-15 Star 1631 PTE. E. TOMLIN, MANC.R. British War Medal & Victory Medals 1631 PTE. E. TOMLIN, MANC.R. Ernest Tomlin born Manchester, Lancs., 1896, served in 1/6th Btn. Manchester Regiment & was Killed in Action, Gallipoli, Dardanelles 7.8.1915. commemorated on Helles Memorial, soldiers effects given to his sisters & 2 brothers William & Frank – medals included here. Copy picture of Ernest from newspaper, M.I.C., medal rolls, Soldiers effects, etc.
 Memorial Plaque (only) WILLIAM HENRY TOMLIN. William Henry Tomlin born Manchester, Lancs., 1890 served as 36312 Pte. W.H. Tomlin, 7th Leicester Regiment formerly 37693 Manchester Regt. & Died 6.2.1918 France & Flanders. Buried St. Sever Cemetery, Rouen. Copy M.I.C., C.W.G.C., Medal Roll, soldiers effects etc.
British War Medal & Victory Medals 243000 GNR. F.C. TOMLIN, R.A. Frank Cooper Tomlin, R.F.A. born Manchester, Lancs., 1888 oldest son in the Tomlin family. Medals E.F. Plq. Mint.

Brothers W.W.1. medals both Killed in Action with the Northumberland Fusiliers.
British War Medal & Victory Medals 40302 PTE. G.H. SPOONER, NORTH’D FUS. George Henry Spooner born 1887 Hull, Lincolnshire. Killed in Action 3.4.1917 16th Btn. Northumberland Fusiliers, buried Savy British Cemetery. Copy picture from newspaper, M.I.C., medal Roll, C.W.G.C., Census, soldiers effects, soldiers died etc.
British War Medal & Victory Medals 44214 PTE. A.L. SPOONER, NORTH’D FUS. Arthur Lewis Spooner born 1878 Hull, Lincolnshire. Killed in Action with 9th  Northumberland Fusiliers 16.4.1918 also served in 24/27th & 27th Btn’s., commemorated on Tyne Cot Memorial. Copy M.I.C., medal Roll, C.W.G.C., Census, soldiers effects, soldiers died etc.
Both sets of medals with 4 named boxes of issue (some corners broken), 4 registered envelopes to 17, Hinton St., Hessle Road, Hull, with 4 letters advising issue of medals & 4 notes should other medals be delayed etc. Original full length (9”) ribbons. Medals all Mint.
British War Medal & Victory Medals 7205 PTE. H.T. STIFF, 17 - LOND. R. (Poplar & Stepney Rifles) Died of Wounds  with 15th Royal Irish Rifles 30.10.1918 Henry Thomas Stiff 17th London Regiment & 15th Royal Irish Rifles from Walthamstow, London E.17. Copy M.I.C. (pair) C.W.G.C., Soldiers Died, Medal Roll, Graves Report Form - Manor Park Cemetery, East Ham, Essex, War Diary 1-31.10.1918. E.F.

British War Medal & Victory Medals GS-77847 PTE. E.J. ELLIOTT, R. FUS. Edward John Elliott from Belvedere, Kent. Killed in Action 28.9.1918. Novelles. Edward John Elliott, 17th Royal Fusiliers, son of Mr. & Mrs. of Prices Cottages, Crabtree, Manorway, Belvedere, Kent. Copy M.I.C. (pair) C.W.G.C. Flesquieres Hill Cemetery,  Soldiers Died, Medal Roll, Graves Report Form, War Diary 1-30.9.1918 (9 pages) 3 pages on attack at Novelles 28.9.1918. 'F' of Fus. partly obscured on B.W.M. only, otherwise G.V.F.

British War Medal & Victory Medals 268778 PTE. W. CLIFFE, W. YORK. R. Prisoner of War 23.3.1918 1st West Yorkshire Regiment. Battle of St. Quentin 21-23.3.1918. William Cliffe born 20.10.1896 Leeds, Yorkshire. Copy M.I.C. (pair), War Diary 1-31.3.1918 Morchies 21.3.1918 Enormous enemy attack broke at 5am with intense barrage on all trenches, routes of approach & battery positions - much gas shelling - length of front of attack 50 miles from near ARRAS to ST. QUENTIN front line companies B & D suffered tremendous casualties from barrage. Splendid stand made by whole of 6th Division......22.3.18 enemy continued attack at 5am......casualties killed 1 Officer 8 O/R's, wounded & missing 2 Officers 9 O/R's, MISSING 17 Officers 531 O/R's. One e/k on both at 5 o/c otherwise V.F.

British War Medal & Victory Medals 325107 PTE. F. SKELTON, W. YORK. R. Wounded & Prisoner of War, 25.4.1918 1/6th West Yorkshire Regiment. 2nd Battle of Kemmel 25-26.4.1918. Frederick Skelton, born 7.4.1898 Redcar, Yorkshire, lived Lord St. Served in 1/8th West Yorkshire Regiment when gassed at Nieuport 22.7.1917, joined  1/6th West Yorkshire Regiment, wounded & P.O.W. KEMMEL 25.4.1918. Copy M.I.C. (pair), War Diary 1/8th 1-31.7.1917 "On the night of 21/22nd Nieuport was subjected to severe bombardments of gas shells mixed with H.E., the wind was about 3 m.p.h., warm & ideal for gas shells. On each occasion the gas shells being mixed with H.E. caused the gas shells to be mistaken as 'duds' in the 1st bombardment". (6 pages) 1/6th War Diary 1-30.4.1918 "At 2.30am the enemy opened a heavy bombardment of gas & H.E. on the forward & back areas.....& a strong hostile attack from Kemmel to Hollebeke their chief objective being Kemmel Hill" (5 pages), Service Papers (10 pages) N.E.F.

1914-15 Star 238062 R.E. COMBEN, L.S., R.N. British War Medal & Victory Medals  238062 R.E. COMBEN, L.S., R.N. W.W.2. War Medal (unnamed) Richard Edward Comben, Born 13.12.1890, Alnwick, Northumberland, in W.W.1. served on Impregnable, Euryalus, Canopus, Terrible, Jupiter, Swiftsure, King George V, Circe, Gossamer, Dido, Nubian, Viking & in W.W.1. Canada Wallington etc. Chief Petty Officer Comben was  Killed by enemy action 8.4.1941 on H.M.S. Vernon,  (confirmed on service papers) buried Portsmouth (Highland Road) Cemetery. Copy C.W.G.C., Graves Registration Report, Memorial Roll, Service papers from Boy II to Chief Petty Officer 31.10.1913 - 8.4.1941 when killed, papers state Traced Medal 1924. Contact wear from Star on trio otherwise N.V.F.

1914-15 Star TS.3811 J. TAYLOR, TR., R.N.R. British War Medal & Victory Medals 3811T.S., J. TAYLOR, TR., R.N.R. Trimmer John Taylor, born 24.1.1874 Buckhaven, Fife, Scotland. Address Deas Square, Buckhaven, Fife.  for all Awarded Naval Prize Money 1920 & 1923. Served on H.T. Eva, St. George (Eva), Wallington (Eva) & Gunner. Unusual rank. E.F.

W.W.2. War Medal with Mention in Despatches Geo. VI. R.A.F., Long Service & Good Conduct Medal.  (1937-49 ind. Imp. fixed suspender) W/O A.G. COOPER, R.A.F. Mention in Despatches  (Squadron Leader) 1.1.1943. Wing Commander Arthur George Cooper born 17.1.1903, Commissioned Flying officer 18.9.1939, Wing Commander 1.1.1949, Retired 1.11.1954 having been recommended THREE times for an O.B.E. 1.1.1950 (Dept. of A.M.S.O. Wing Commander), 1.6.1950, 1.6.1951 & French Legion of Honour Sept. 1946 receiving none of them. G.V.F.

1939-45 Star, War Medal, these unnamed; Geo. VI. Efficiency Medal bar Territorial. 4273933 FUS. A.W. MORTON, N.F. Prisoner of War, DUNKIRK 23.5.1940, 9th Northumberland Fusiliers. Fusilier Alexander William Morton, 9th Btn. Northumberland Fusiliers, born 15.3.1920, enlisted 16.5.1939, address Store Row, Widdrington Colliers, Nr. Morpeth, Northumberland. Captured Arque, Nr. St. Omer, France 23.5.1940. Held at Stalag XXA Thorn 10.6.1940-7.7.1940, Stalag XXB Marienburg 18.3.1941-15.8.1941. Escaped on line of march from Dittenburg on 12.4.1945, went into woods & dug ourselves slit trenches with cups & spoons. Lay there for 2 days, then picked up by German patrol. Comrades were Pte. Milner, Rudd, Hill & Fus. Cox. War Diary for the 24th states 'Orders were received to withdraw the Btn. to Steenbecque. This was done except for 2/Lt. Hook's Pln. of 'W' Coy. which having got out of the farm was last seen in a ditch by the road leading back to Boesegham. At this point all appeared well with 2/Lt. Hook & his Ptn. but they failed to arrive at Steenbecque & their further movements cannot be traced, 2/Lt. Hook & 27 O/R's missing. Copy P.O.W. roll, P.O.W. report, War Diary 1-31.5.1940 (11 pages). E.M. in box of issue addressed 92, Bagot Avenue, Cowandilla, Adelaide, S. Australia. postmark 1952.

1939-45 Star, War Medal, these unnamed; Geo. V. (Robed bust India Imp.) Efficiency Medal bar Territorial. 2208189 CPL. E. STACEY, R.E. Prisoner of  War, DUNKIRK 28.5.1940 with 8th Royal Lancashire Regiment. Cpl. E Stacey, King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster) Copy P.O.W. Roll (confirms Regt. Number on Efficiency Medal,  War Diary 28.4.1940-28.6.1940 & 'D' Coy narrative of events 25-31.5.1940 by Capt. Kelly. N.E.F.

Original black W.W.1. medal case of issue (only) for Distinguished Flying Cross (D.F.C.)

Victorian CONTEMPORARY silver (not h/m) ribbon buckle with 2 hooks, fitment pin & clip complete.

Crimea 4 bars Alma, Balaklava, Inkermann, Sebastopol. GR & DR. 11th BTN. RL ARTY. Officially Impressed (No. 3 Co., 11th Btn., ‘F’ Bty., Royal Artillery);

Crimea  two bars Balaklava & Sebastopol, GR & DR 11th BTN RL ARTY. Officially Impressed (‘W’ Bty., 11th Btn., Royal Artillery (Medal) bars Balaklava & Sebastopol with No.1 Coy., 11th Btn. R.A.);

India General Service 1854-95 two bars Burma 1885-7, Hazara 1888. 29642 SERGT. No. 3 BY. 1ST BDE. S.I. DIV. R.A. (South Irish Division, Royal Artillery) 20 combinations of these bars to unit;

Edw. VII Africa General Service 1902-56, 3 bars Aro 1901-02, N. Nigeria 1903, N. Nigeria 1904. PTE. LAGOS BN. W.A.F.F.;

G.S.M./C.S.M.'s including Sub. Lieut.'s Borneo;

A rare early Northern Ireland Operational British Empire Medal (Military) to Sergeant Michael John Stretton, Royal Corps of Signals who served in Northern Ireland from the start of the emergency in 1969 until 1972.
The period 1970-1971 saw the height of sectarian violence & introduction of Internment, where Sgt. Stretton the personal Radio Operator of the Deputy Brigade Commander, who in this role spent long periods in the streets of Belfast, found himself caught in the middle of riots in Belfast with his Land Rover 'Stoned' on several occasions. In 1971 his detachment were responsible for the controversial Internment Operation secure radio net 'Operation Demetrius';

India General Service 1854-95 one bar PERSIA GUNNER ARTILLERY;

1914 (Mons) Star 6028 PTE. C.GDS. Prisoner of War 14th Sept. 1914 Bruges, The BATTLE OF THE AISNE (CERNY). The 1st Cold. Gds.;

British War & Victory Medals, NORF. R. Memorial Plaque KILLED IN ACTION 1st Btn. HERTFORDSHIRE Regt. 1.11.1917;

British War & Victory Medals A.B., R.N.V.R. Served with ANSON Btn. Royal Naval Division then HAWKE BTN., R.N.D. 10.10.1916 when WOUNDED 10.3.1917 foot & shoulder;

FOUR x R.A.F., W.W.1. pairs; 2 x B.W.M.'s R.N.A.S. (worth looking for village/town/name/rank collectors);

British War & Victory Medals Pte. R.A.F. learnt to fly as Pilot - Flight Cadet/2.Lieut. 1918, injured in aero accident 11.8.1918 on Caudron No. 3050 at 212 T.D.S. Netheravon, Wilts.;

British War Medal  A.M.2 R.N.A.S. Boy 2nd Class, in R.N. 7.12.1902 served H.M.S. Impregnable, Lion, Agincourt, Repulse, Jupiter, Roxburgh, Donegal, Leander, Victorious & Formidable & in that time “Run” 2.9.1906, 4.6.1907 both from H.M.S. Roxburgh, noted as DESERTED 7.6.1907;

EIIR M.B.E., W.W.2's, E.II.R. G.S.M. bars Near East & Arabian Peninsula Flt. Lieut./Sqd. Ldr.;

A really early 'Old' - "OLD CONTEMPTIBLE" having learn't to fly in 1913 (R.N.A.S. Shipwright) 1914 'Mons' group, 1915 Gallipoli M.I.D. claiming his Officer NAMED L.S.G.C. IN 1949 under new ruling for Officers to claim retrospectively for O/R service, recommended for A.F.C. 1918;

W.W.1./W.W.2. with M.I.D. group Lieut. Gordons & Group Capt. R.A.F.;

Sutlej Medal 1845-46 K.I.A. Ferozeshuhur 1845 29th REGT. (Worcester Regiment);

Queen's Sudan 1896 (Camerons);

B.E.M. Malaya Service group of 7 (R.A.F.);

Boy Mech., R.N. later Sjt. R.A.F., with Geo. V. L.S.G.C.;

The scarce I.G.S. 1854 with two bars, one of approx 47 to the whole British Army THIS COMBO; I.G.S. Rifle Brigade;

Belgian Croix de Guerre group Royal Scots;

Korea casualty pair;

M.M. group Warwick Regt.;  

in Misc. section - boxes - M.B.E., T.D. etc, M.G.S., A of India bars & carriages;

A Seaforth Highlanders Afghan pair, K.I.A. Kandahar mentioned in Roberts Despatch as “A GRAND SPECIMEN OF A HIGHLAND SOLDIER;

M.B.E., M.S.M. group for India, Somerset L.I.;

Army L.S. & G.C. Sergt. 28th Regt. officially dated 15th May 1857;

C.B. group to Brigadier General R.D. Petrie with ORIGINAL CERTIFICATES for C.B., Italy, Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus, Commission (Lieut., 1881);

TWO W.W.1., M.M. & bar groups with citations;

The impressive & unique (Zulu 1879, Afghan) Egypt (1 of 7), W.W.1. group of awards to Colonel Sir Wyndham Murray, K.C.B., O of St. J. of J. who visited his Regiment the Gloucester Regiment at Festubert aged 72 ! while serving in W.W.1. as a King's Messenger & later with the O of St. J of J. late 61st Foot etc....;

Avon & Somerset Police group;

Q.S.A. wounded Glouc. Regt. ONE OF 10 IN THE ACTION;

Gloucestershire Regiment flag (6' x 3') with Cap Badge centre;

W.W.1/W.W.2. Gren. Gds. & Geo. V. R.A.F. Long Service & Good Conduct Medal group;

Important British Diplomat Group of 4 to High Commissioner Sir Charles Roy Price K.C.M.G. (1950) C.M.G. (1942) late Royal Garrison Artillery. High Commissioner for the U.K. in SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND.




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