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UPDATED 4th January 2017 (with info. on top 5 items below, including SABOTAGE - At Zwickau, during the month of August 1944, I pushed into the river 28 (twenty eight) Focke Wolfe 190 aeroplane engines and lots of spares for same. - Preview now finished - thanks for all the orders -  January Sale is now here !  NEARLY ALL ITEMS - PRICE ADJUSTED .....most from £10-50, some 100's, some more. WORTH A LOOK........
NEW STOCK PICTURES - sorry about some out of focus, took 150 ish on wrong camera setting !

Campaign medals listed in Campaign date order.

A W.W.2. 8th Army, North Africa Prisoner of War & KOREA group of 5 to Sergeant F. Tibbets, Royal Artillery. SABOTAGE - Prison sentence for destroying 28 Focke Wolfe 190 aeroplane engines.
/3136. 1939-1945 Star, Africa Star (missing 8th Army bar) War Medal (unnamed) Korea 1950-53 1438983 SGT. F. TIBBETS. R.A. United Nations Medal for Korea. Frank Tibbetts (same Regt. number) was taken Prisoner of War in North Africa 3.10.1943 when a L/Bdr. with 4/1st A.A. Regiment, R.A. & held at Stalag 4F Hartmansdorf, Chemnitz. Copy P.O.W. Rolls (4) & R.A. Attestation. L/Bdr. Frank Tibbetts P.O.W. Report from T.N.A. says served in R.A., L.A.A. with the 8th Army (missing 8th Army bar on his Africa Star) Address Stewart Rd., Blackheath, Birmingham. Captured Coss Island 7.10.1943, held at (Camp) VII/A Mouseburg 31.10.43-3.11.1943 & (Camp) IV/B Mullberg 5.11.43-15.11.1943. Worked in Zwickau Nov.1943-March1944 coal mining & at Crossen March1944-April1944 paper making. SABOTAGE - At Zwickau, during the month of August 1944, I pushed into the river (can't read name) 28 (twenty eight) Focke Wolfe 190 aeroplane engines and lots of spares for same. WAS PUNISHED - 14 days detention. G.V.F.

Group of 4 to W.W.2. Japanese P.O.W. captured at Singapore 1942.
/3131. 1939-1945 Star, Pacific Stars & War Medal. (unnamed) Geo. VI. Efficiency Medal with Militia suspension 2311951 SIGMN. E. WARREN. R. SIGS. L/Cpl. Ernest Warren was captured at Singapore, Malaya 15.2.1942 with the 3/India Corps Signals 1944 Thailand & released 2.9.1945. Copy P.O.W. Rolls (4). L/Cpl. Ernest Warren's P.O.W. Report from T.N.A. says served in Malaya Commd., Royal Signals. Address Lennox Gate, St. Annes Rd., Blackpool. Captured Singapore 15.2.1942. Held at CHANJI Feb-May1942, Havelock Rd. May-Oct.1942, Nong Ploduk Oct.1942-June 1943, Wun Yei June-Dec.1943, Kanburi Dec.1943-June1944 Nakom Pathon June 1944-Jan.1945, Tamuang Jan.-May1945, Takuri June-Sept.1945. And Jap. P.O.W. Card. G.V.F.

A 8th Army North Africa Prisoner of War group of 4 to Fusilier J.I.Ridley, Northumberland Fusiliers.
/3134. General Service Medal 1918-62, one bar Palestine 4270571 FSR. J.I. RIDLEY. R. NORTH'D FUS. (Royal Northumberland Fusiliers) 1939-1945 Star; Africa Star with 1st Army bar (should be 8th Army going by questionaire), War Medal. In 1940 the North'd Fus. were attached to the 6th Australian Division in Cyrenaica, and later in 1941 with the 9th Australian Division in Tobruk.Taken POW 14.9.1942 with 1st Btn. Northumberland Fus. CYRENAICA in North Africa, held in Germany at Stalag 4G Oschatz. Copy Medal & P.O.W. Rolls (4). L/Cpl. John Ridley's P.O.W. Report from T.N.A. says 1st Batt., Northumberland Fus., with the 8th Army. Address Bell St., off Westgate Rd., Newcastle on Tyne. Captured at TOBRUK 15.9.1942. Held in P.G. 70, Italy, 20.9.1942-16.10.1943, then Stalag VI/G Germany 20.12.1943-19.4.1945. Worked in Germany doing wagon repairs 20.12.43-19.4.45. G.V.F.

A RARE combination Group of 5 including the scarce Egypt Gemaizah bar, with India Chitral bar + battle bars on the Boer War pair all won in the King's Own Scottish Borderers.
RESERVED Egypt Medal 1882-1889 undated, bar Gemaizah 1888 2554. PTE J SCOTT. 2/K.O SCO: BORD: (King's Own Scottish Borderers), India Medal 1895-1901 bar Relief of Chitral 1895 2554 PTE J SCOTT 2d. Bn. K.O SCO: BORD: Queen's South Africa 1899-1902 3 bars Cape Colony, Paardeberg, Johannesburg 2554 PTE J SCOTT. K.O SCOT: BORD: & King's South Africa 2 bars South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902 2954 PTE J SCOTT. K.O SCOT: BORD: Khedive's Star 1882 Spots of Verdigris on Star, this Star came with the group, but should be an undated one. A RARE combination to any Regiment. Light contact on Egypt pair otherwise N.V.F. RESERVED

LOTS OF W.W.1.'s to the Royal Navy (10 now sold) & 4 G.S.M.'s. (ALL now sold)

1914-15 Star SS.111735, J. MYERS, STO.1., R.N. British War & Victory Medals SS.111735 (B.W.M. SS.111753) J. MYERS, STO.1., R.N. John Myers born Leeds, Yorks. 20.2.1893. Enlisted 5.2.1912 served on H.M.S. Renown, Maidstone & in W.W.1. on H.M.S. Hecla where WOUNDED in the Bombardment of HARTLEPOOL 16.12.1914 Hardy & Royal Sovereign, discharged 9.6.1921. The bombardment of Hartlepool was by 2 German battle cruisers SMS Seyditz & Moltke & one armoured cruiser SMS Blucher, resulting at Hartlepool of 173 fatal casualties & 592 other casualties including many civilians. Copy Service Papers (gives Hartlepool 1914 wound, as picture) write up 'Raid on Scarborough, Hartlepool & Whitby', Medal Roll, 2 ship details & pictures. E.F.

Indian Mutiny Medal bar Delhi M. Shepherd, 61st Regt. 2890 Private Major Shepherd was Severely Wounded in the head at KISHENGANJ SUBURB, DELHI 9th July 1857 & 'Died' (of his severe wound I presume) 10th August 1857. Had previous service with the 54th Foot Regimental number 2388. The South Gloucestershire Regiment earned one Victoria Cross during the Indian Mutiny (Surgeon Reade). Copy medal roll Private Major Shepherd this his only medal, not on Punjab roll.

Kabul to Kandahar Star 1880. 56/394 PRIVATE A. THOMSON, 92nd HIGHLANDERS.
394 Alexander Thompson was WOUNDED at MAJUBA MOUNTAIN 27th February 1881 with the Gordon Highlanders in the 1st Boer War also entitled to Afghan Medal bars Charasia, Kabul & Kandahar, medal roll states 'To Army Reserve'.
The Battle of Majuba Hill took place on 27 February 1881 it was the main decisive battle of the First Boer War.

MONS trio to Captain L.Grant-Dalton, Dorset Regiment Prisoner of War captured 13th October 1914 at LA BASSEE which cost the 1st Battalion over 400 casualties.
1914 Star with original bar LIEUT: L. GRANT-DALTON. DORSET R. British War & Victory Medal CAPT. L. GRANT-DALTON. With separate W.W.2. Defence Medal & miniature.
Captain Leslie Grant-Dalton born Bowdon, Cheshire, lived 'The Goffs', Eastborne, was made a Prisoner of War on 13.10.1914, sent to neutral Holland 6.2.1918 & repatriated 14.1.1919. Served overseas with the Dorset Regiment from the 16th August 1914. Pre War attended Oxford University. Copy M.I.C., Medal Rolls, 1911 Census, 1939 Register Captain (Hon. Major), Lon. Gaz's.  From Dorset History 4 Officers K.I.A., 7 wounded & 4 missing. O/R's 14 K.I.A. 122 wounded & 284 missing (some days later a burial party discovered 130 more K.I.A.)No one could dream that in 5 days the Dorset's would be reduced to a mere skeleton in it's severest ordeal in W.W.1. Trio mounted as worn, E.F.

The Superb Great War D.S.C. & Bar for second award, Second War Military C.B.E. Group of twelve to Air Commodore W. H. Dunn, Royal Air Force, late Royal Naval Air Service, decorated for his gallant services as a Pilot in the relief of Kut Operations in April 1916 (D.S.C.) & East Africa operations (Bar): flew operationally in Waziristan 1920s, adding the Military C.B.E. in W.W.2. as C.O. Operational ‘Fighter’ (Command).

31 D.S.C. & BARS to R.N.A.S. for W.W.1. TOTAL 85 bars for all Services.
The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, C.B.E. (Military) Commander’s 2nd type neck badge, silver-gilt & enamel, George V. Distinguished Service Cross with Second Award Bar (h/m London 1918) 1914-15 Star Flt. S. LT. W. H. DUNN, R.N.A.S., British War & Victory Medals CAPT., R.A.F., I.G.S. 1908-35 bar Waziristan 1921-24 F./L. W. H. DUNN, R.A.F., 1939-45 & Africa Star, Defence & War Medals with M.I.D. Jubilee 1935, Coronation 1937.
 The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
C.B.E. Lon. Gaz. 2.6.1943. Air Commodore Wilfred Henry Dunn, D.S.C. Original recommendation says Operational Award ‘Fighter’ (Command)
Distinguished Service Cross
Flight Commander Wilfred Henry Dunn, R.N.A.S. D.S.C. Lon. Gaz. 22.2.1918: “In recognition of his services whilst employed in connection with military operations in East Africa. He did splendid work during the operations in the Lindi area & carried out valuable bombing & reconnaissance flights”.
       Second Distinguished Service Cross
Flight Sub-Lieut. Wilfred Henry Dunn, D.S.C. Bar to D.S.C. Lon. Gaz. 17.5.1918 – Services in Mesopotamia: “For conspicuous courage & skill in carrying out an extraordinary amount of flying, both in sea & land planes. He is invariably cheerful & ready when called on for work”.
Mention in Despatches Lon. Gaz. 1.1.1941 Group Captain, R.A.F.
Wilfrid Henry Dunn born 19.9.1893, qualified Third Officer in the British India Company 1914. Prob. Flight Sub. Lieut., R.N.A.S. Jan. 1915, qualified for his “Wings” & R.A.E.C Aviator’s Certificate 11.3.1915 served as a Pilot on H.M.S. Empress, engine failure, force landed on sands at Bembridge (I of W) – stranded 4.7.1915 in his Farman Seaplane, then posted in Sept. 1915 to the Mesopotamia Theatre; Force 'D' R.N.A.S. employed in operations to relieve the siege of KUT. Crashed his Type 827 Seaplane at Orah, 10 miles South of Kut 14.2.1916 & in April 1916, a hard-pressed force of 4 B.E. 2c’s, 2 Naval Farmans & 3 Short Seaplanes, dropped 19,000 pounds of food in two weeks to the besieged garrison at KUT, comprising of 140 flights - Lewis guns & ammunition were removed with medical supplies & food stowed in their place, but the pilot still had his revolver ! a constant worry for the likes of Dunn, for German aircraft did their best to interfere in the first ever attempt to keep troops supplied by air. In these Kut food drops he wrecked one Voisin 10.4.1916, & another landing UNDER telegraph wires, removing the undercarriage on 5.5.1916 His ‘conspicuous courage’ was duly recognised by a Bar to his D.S.C. In Dec.1916. Transferred to 8 Squadron R.N.A.S. East Africa Theatre of operations, flew from Lindi for co-operation with the Army, until some Voisin aircraft at Zanzibar could be resurrected, a single seaplane operated out of the local harbour, for recon. & bombing sorties. The official record of No. 8 Seaplane Sqd. (R.N.A.S.) states: ‘Two Voisin machines arrived at Lindi in June & proceeded to carry out an extensive series of photographic flights from the results of which the first accurate maps of this part of the country were made. Lindi, a difficult place to work from, was unhealthy with a non satisfactory aerodrome, but Flight Lieut's Dunn work was very valuable. In Aug. the enemy, still in the vicinity were forced to retire by our troops supported by a preliminary bombardment by the two Monitors, who flooded their ballast tanks & managed to get the necessary elevation, while the R.N.A.S. carried out the spotting ...... Lindi aerodrome was abandoned on 12 Oct. moving to Mtwa, the planes co-operated with the troops over a 3 day engagement driving the enemy out of a very strongly fortified position in Makiwa. This engagement was the heaviest of the campaign & after the enemy had been forced to continue their retreat, the R.N.A.S. machines were employed in low flying in search of water holes for the supply of our troops ..... ’ Had engine failure on take off, turned to avoid a hanger, port wing hit ground, wrecked, Dar-es-Salaam 27.11.1916. Moved to Zanzibar, the R.N.A.S. detachment returned to the U.K. in Jan. 1918, although Dunn & another pilot left behind ‘in case of eventualities’. Advanced to Flight Cdr. in June 1917, joined 67 Wing in the Adriatic, a Flight Lieut. in the new R.A.F. 1.4.1918. Joined the Aircraft Depot, India Group in Dec. 1919, & in Oct. 1920 as a Flight Cdr. in 5 Squadron flying Bristol Fighters on the North West Frontier of India & in the Waziristan operations of 1921-24, Flight Cdr. 16 Sqd. 1925 & 4 Sqd. on Bristol Fighters in 1929 H.M.S. Vindictive & 1930s C.O. of the Fleet Air Arm element in the aircraft carrier H.M.S. Glorious. C.O. 230 Sqd. Feb. 1935 (flying Singapore III, Sunderland I, in U.K., Egypt & Singapore) & as C.O. in the 8,000 mile 'PIONEERING' trip from Plymouth to Singapore taking 3 weeks with five Singapore Flying Boats. Advanced to Group Capt.1938. In the 1939-45 War, was C.O. R.A.F. Benson 1940 & then S.A.S.O., 14 (Fighter) Group, awarded the Military C.B.E. as A.O.C. No. 81 Operational Training Group, Fighter Command from July 1942, Dunn became S.A.S.O., Air Defences, Eastern Med. setting up his H.Q. in Cyprus he & his staff to oversee fighter operations. In Mch. 1944, appointed A.O.C. 210 Group, Med. Allied Coastal Air Force, later in 1944 Retired as an Air Commodore. ORIGINAL signed & dated 1924 portrait picture wearing D.S.C. & Bar + W.W.1 miniatures. 8 copy pictures of Dunn in R.A.F. & R.N.A.S. uniform & some of the ‘string bag’ aeroplanes he flew. 9 page report of 8 Squadron R.N.A.S. services in Zanzibar East Africa & other articles on Sqd's & Kut airlift. Mounted as worn other than 1st. G.V.F.

A scarce Great War ‘French Theatre’ D.F.M. group to Corporal Charles Robert Cooper Shoreland, Royal Air Force, serving with 1, 18 and 43 Balloon Sections 1915-1918, also awarded one of the twenty Belgium Decoration Militaire awarded to the R.N.A.S./R.F.C./R.A.F. Two unusual awards to an Observer ‘under instruction’ for his Distinguished Flying Medal more used to ‘pushing’ papers around as a Corporal Clerk.
Distinguished Flying Medal G.V.R., (7958 L.A.C. (A. Corpl.) Shorland, C.R.C., R.A.F.) 1914-15 Star (7958 2.A.M. C.R. Shoreland, R.F.C.) British War and Victory Medals (7958 1.A.M. C.R. Shorland, R.A.F.) Belgium Decoration Militaire (on Gallantry ribbon).
D.F.M. Lon. Gaz. 3.6.1919. 7958 L.A.C. (A./Cpl.) Charles Robert Cooper Shorland. (Margate) FRANCE.
Original citation. No. 7958 Leading Aircraftsman (A/Corporal) CHARLES ROBERT COOPER SHORLAND Observer under instruction, No.43 Balloon Section. Period of Service May 1918 - 22.11.1918. “This airman has done consistently good work as an Observer since last May. He has shown marked keenness and determination and has carried on his work under shell fire & in high winds. On August 1st 1918 he was working at a height of 5,600 feet near LAHOUSSOYE when he was attacked by a hostile aeroplane & forced to parachute”. This citation is on a page listing 5 men, 4 got D.F.M.’s; the bottom of the page states (All 5 of above were recommended for Belgian Decorations on 16.10.1918. It is not recommended that they shall receive both decorations.)
Belgium Decoration Militaire Lon. Gaz. 8.2.1919. 7958 A./Corpl. Clerk, Charles Robert Shorland, R.A.F. (Margate)
7958 Corporal Charles Robert Cooper Shorland, D.F.M. born Ealing, Middlesex 1891, by 1901 family lived Margate, Kent. Enlisted as Aircraftsman Second Class, Royal Flying Corps, 21.8.1915, serving with 1 Balloon Section from October 1915, later to 10 Balloon Section 1.5.1917 & later to 43 Balloon Section where he won his two Gallantry Awards. Promoted 1.A.M. 1.10.1917 & graded Clerk on the formation of the Royal Air Force 1.4.1918. Appointed Acting (unpaid) Corporal Clerk 12.9.1918 returning to the U.K. 31.12.1918 & discharged 30.4.1920. Copy D.F.M. original citation, Lon. Gaz's, M.I.C. for 1915 Star only, as other W.W.1.’s issued by Air Ministry. Service Papers – served France from 13.10.1915 to 31.10.1918. 1901 Margate Census & 1911 shows living at Rancorn Road, Margate, employed as Accountant Clerk for the Borough Council. G.V.F.

1914-15 Star L-35267 GNR: (A. BMBR:) A. WILLIAMS, R.F.A. Copy M.I.C. Alfred Williams (trio) discharged 9.2.1918, Silver War Badge Roll (Wounds) N.E.F.

British War & Victory Medal 47460 Pte. H. JOHNSON, MANCH. R. Copy M.I.C. (pair & Silver War Badge Roll), discharged 19.9.1918. E.F.

Group of 9 to MAJOR A CLOWES Royal Army Ordnance Corps. Geo.VI. M.B.E. (2nd type) Military, British War & Victory Medal DM2-170245 Pte. A. CLOWES, A.S.C. 1939-1945, Africa, Italy, France & Germany Stars, Defence and War medals (unnamed) Copy Lon. Gaz. for M.B.E. 1.7.1941.  A good early award for the starting Africa Campaign in a named medal group. Copy M.I.C., Lon. Gaz., Army Lists. N.E.F.

1914-15 Star (name removed) British War Medal & Victory Medals 10616 PTE. R.W.J. SHELL, SOM. L.I. EIIR Imperial Service Medal Reginald William James Shell, Silver War Badge number 197084 (confirmed his Badge) Enamelled National Safety First Association Medal (hallmark 1931) 5 year Medal bars 1931,1932,1933,1934 1935 named R.W.J. Shell, Enamelled  National Safety First Association Medal (hallmarked 1936) 10 year Medal bars 1936,1937,1938,1939,1940 named R.W.J. Shell. I.S.M. Lon. Gaz. 5.11.1957 Motor transport Driver, H.M. Dockyard, Devonport. Copy Lon. Gaz., M.I.C. France entry 21.5.1915, discharged 24.10,1916, Medal Roll served 6th Battalion only. Wounded, gun shot 4.6.1915. Extracts - 'Bath Herald' 17.7.1915 Bandsman Reg. Shell, 6th Som. L.I. of 1, Moorfields Place, Walcot (Bath) 1st soldier of the 6th to be wounded while digging trenches, pre the Battalion's 1st action. Written up in 5 newspapers, the 19.6.1915 includes a picture of him in a named group. The 6th Batt. War Diary for 1915 states 'one man wounded while standing on the parapet of his trench 4.6.1915 & a further two wounded 6.6.1915, the Battalion had only disembarked in france on the 21.5.1915 some 2 weeks previously'. Original newspaper cutting 21.4.1937 'Gold medal Drivers in the Dockyard' article & named Gold medal winners including R.W. Shell, with group picture. E.F.

Original black W.W.1. medal case of issue (only) for DISTINGUISHED SERVICE ORDER or D.S.O. This a period titled case with gilt D.S.O. tooled on upper outside lid. The inside upper lid with silk cover, maker GARARD & Co. Ltd. To his Majesty the King  etc. padded inset base for D.S.O. With 2 original hinges and working press button to open, issued 1916-1936 E.F.
Original purple W.W.1. medal case of issue (only) for M.C. - MILITARY CROSS. This a period titled case with gilt crown tooled on upper outside lid. The inside upper lid with silk cover, padded inset base for M.C. With original brass hinge and working press button to open, issued 1916-1936, few minor scuffs otherwise N.E.F.
Original black W.W.1. medal case of issue (only) for Distinguished Flying Cross (D.F.C.) This a period titled case with gilt D.F.C. tooled on upper outside lid. The inside upper lid with white padded silk, marked ‘John Pinches Medalist London, 21 Albert Embankment’. Inset base for D.F.C.  With 2 original hinges and working press button to open, issued 1918-1936. Silk covering hinges ripped 1" from base only (see picture) otherwise E.F.
Private A.T. Barry, Somerset Light Infantry, later Middlesex Regiment.
British War Medal to 9441 PTE. A.T. BARRY, SOM. L.I. India General Service Medal 1908, Geo V, one bar Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919. 9441 PTE. A. BARRY, 2/SOM. LT. INFY. Defence Medal and War Medal 39-45, Efficiency Medal, Geo VI, bar Territorial 5662183 PTE. A.T. BARRY, MIDD'X R. Pte. Arthur Thomas Barry. Copy M.I.C. (B.W.M. & I.G.S. only) Collectors notes :- believed joined T.A. 1933, E.M. (T) issued Dec. 1942. listed in Army Order Aug. 1946. First two fine polished, others E.F.

A good Burma, India & Boer War campaign group of three awarded to Colonel P. R. MANTELL ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS who was wounded at ROOIDAM in South Africa May 1900 & awarded the D.S.O. The D.S.O. I expect was in part for his commanding the R.W.Fus. for this action.
India General Service 1854-95, 2 bars Burma 1885-7 & Hazara 1891 LIEUTT. P.R. MANTELL, 1st Bn. R.W. FUS. Queen's South Africa 1899-1902, 5 bars Cape Colony, Tugela Heights, Orange Free State, Relief of Ladysmith, Transvaal MAJOR: P. R. MANTELL. D.S.O., WELSH. FUS: King's South Africa 1901-02, 2 bars South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902 MAJ. P. R. MANTELL, D.S.O. RL. WELSH FUS.
D.S.O. London Gazette 27.9.1901. He was invested with the Distinguished Service Order by the King 28.3.1903.
Mentioned in Despatches London Gazette 8.2.1901.
Mentioned in Despatches London Gazette 10.9.1901.
Patrick Riners Mantell born Sialkot, India 28.12.1862, the son of Colonel Riners Mantell, Indian Medical Service. Commissioned in the Leinster Regiment direct from the R.M.C. Sandhurst, transferred to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers 20.10.1883.
Served in Burma operations 1885-87 & Hazara Expedition 1891, advanced to Captain in the 1st Battalion 13.7.1892. Promoted Major 6.10.1900 & in South Africa present in the Relief of Ladysmith, including the battle of COLENSO, operations on the Tugela Heights (14-27 February 1900)& the action at Pieter's Hill, operations in the Transvaal in May-June 1900; operations in the Transvaal West of Pretoria, including actions at Frederickstad (17 and 25 October) Cape Colony, North of the Orange River, the action at ROOIDAM (wounded), the Transvaal November 1900 to September 1901 & the Orange River Colony from September 1901 until May 1902. He also served as Garrison Adjutant at Potchefstroom, as Commandant at Frederickstad.
The action at Rooidam 5.5.1900, where Mantell commanded the Regiment was wounded, Broughton-Mainwaring's Historical Record of The Royal Welch Fusiliers, states:
'On 5.5.1900, the Royal Welsh Fusiliers played a conspicuous part in the action at Rooidam their casualties were 1 Officer, 7 O/R's K.I.A., 2 Officers & 14 O/R's wounded. 'The advance of the Fusiliers,' it was stated, 'was irresistible, & for once the Boer loss, as they were hustled from kopje to kopje, appears to be greater than the British.' The enemy force of 2,000 was routed with considerable loss, & the way was cleared for the flying column under Colonel Mahon to proceed to the relief of Mafeking … Captain Mantell was mentioned in despatches (M.I.D.) for his gallant and skilful leading on this occasion.'
Mantell made Major in October 1900. Appointed the senior Major of the 1st Battalion in May 1904, he commanded the 2nd Battalion as Lieutenant-Colonel 1907-1911 & was placed on the Retired List as a Colonel 1911. Retired 5.6.1912. He died in January 1936; sold with an original letter of reference in Mantell's hand, in respect of a Corporal Hughes of the R.W.F. & a quantity of copied research. Minor contact wear, generally V.F.

Afghanistan 1878-80, 1 bar Kandahar. 1425, PTE. H. WEBBER, 66th FOOT. The Berkshire Regiment famous for the action at the battle of Maiwand, 27 July 1880 where the 66th Foot lost 10 officers and 275 O/R's killed in action. The survivors of Maiwand continued on the march to Kandahar. One letter of surname officially corrected (see 'B' in picture), minor edge cut V.F.

Sergeant E. A. JARVIS, Royal Marines Killed in Action Tel-El-Kebir 13.9.1882. Commemorated on Chatham Memorial.
Egypt and Sudan 1882-1889 dated reverse, 1 bar Tel-El-Kebir E. A. JARVIS, SERGT., R.M. Khedive's Star 1882.
Tel-El-Kebir casualties to the Royal Marines were 3 K.I.A., 4 Died of Wounds, 48 Wounded. Jarvis was the senior rank K.I.A. from the Marines, there were two other Sgt's wounded. From “The Campaign of 1882 in Egypt” (Col. J.F. Maurice) page 88 The Marines at Tel-El-Kebir 'The Royal Marines advanced without firing a shot up to within 100 yards of the parapet. The Marines seized & held the parapet, but the enemy stubbornly kept their ground in a formed body, 50 feet distant' & in General Garnet Wolseley Despatch - The Battle of Tel-El-Kebir 13th September 1882 - 'In moving over the desert at night, there are no landmarks to guide one's movements, we had consequently to direct our course by the stars. This was well & correctly effected & the leading Brigades of each Division both reached the enemy's works within a couple of minutes of one another. The enemy were completely surprised & it was not until one or two of their advanced sentries fired their rifles that they realised our close proximity to their works. These were however very quickly lined with their infantry who open a deafening musketry fire & their guns came into action immediately. Our troops advanced steadily without firing a shot, in obedience to the orders they had received & when close to the works went straight for them, charging with a ringing cheer. Major General Graham reports :- “The steadiness of the advance of the 2nd Brigade (2nd Battn. Royal Irish Regiment, R.M.L.I., 2nd Battn. York & Lancaster Regiment, 1st Battn. Royal Irish Fusiliers) under what appeared to be an utterly overwhelming fire of musketry & artillery will remain a proud remembrance.” Note - only one E.A. Jarvis on Egypt Medal Roll for Royal Marines, Royal Marine Light Infantry & Royal Marine Brigade. Copy Medal Roll 14 Company, Royal Marine Battalion. (Medal) sent to father John Jarvis, 19.6.1883 Case 339/82. G.V.F.

Victorian Volunteer Force Long Service 180 Pte. P. GRIFFITHS, 1st V.B. RlL. WELSH FUS. impressed naming. Loose suspension, some e/k's otherwise V.F.

Victorian Volunteer Force Long Service Colr. Sergt. P.LI. JONES, 2nd R.W.F. engraved naming. V.F.

EVIIR Volunteer Force Long Service 3624 Pte. J. HUGHES, 2/V.B. RL. WELSH FUS. impressed naming. V.F.

1st Glamorgan Artillery Volunteers, Commandant's Prize Medal, bronze, obverse: central crest & motto with `Commandant's Prize' and `The Gift of Lt. Col. Grant-Francis' around, reverse: a field gun with `Head Quarters, Swansea' below, & regimental title around, the edge impressed `SERGT. W. MORRIS, 1865', 31mm., in velvet-lined fitted leather case, the lid with gilt title, 'First G.V. Artillery' (Glamorgan Volunteers) E.F.

Unusual Meritorious Service Medal to Sergeant R. W. Bool, Royal Air Force an Observer and Airship Rigger R.A.F.
British War and Victory Medals 8658 Sgt. R. W. Bool, R.A.F.; Royal Air Force Meritorious Service Medal, G.V.R. 8658 Serjt. Clerk R. W. Bool, R.A.F., together with related Royal Life Saving Society Medal, bronze, named and dated 1932, and a gold award for use as a watch fob, the reverse engraved, ‘R. W. Bool, 100 Yds. Breast Stroke Champn. 1922’. Unusual flying medal named to a Clerk. M.S.M. London Gazette 1.1.1919. 8658 Sergt. Clerk R.W. Bool, (Pimlico S.W.)
M.S.M. original citation “Has done much excellent and willing work as a Rigger, and also as OBSERVER under instruction”. Sergeant Mechanic Ronald Warren Bool born 1896, lived 86, Warwick St., London S.W., a Civil Servant, enlisted 14 September 1915 as a Clerk, served in France 4.5.1916 – 9.1.1919 with 12 Kite Balloon Section, 16 Balloon Company and 43 Balloon Section, as an Airship Rigger. In R.A.F. Muster Roll April 1918 is shown as Sergeant Clerk (Gen.), died 1984. Copy original M.S.M. citation, Lon. Gaz., Service detail, Balloon Coy. rolls, Census, etc. G.V.F.

Burma Star, Defence & War Medals with Mention in Despatches these unnamed; Geo. VI R.A.F., Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (1937-49 Ind. Imp. swivel susp.) ACT. SQD. LDR. W.M. MACKIE, R.A.F.  Squadron leader William McKenzie Mackie Recommended for M.B.E. 1.1.1945 as Act. Flight Lieutenant No. 30 O.T.U., FOUR TIMES M.I.D. Lon. Gaz. 1.1.1941 (Sgt.) 14.9.1941 (Sgt.) 14.1.1944 (A/Flt. Lieut. R.A.F.V.R.) 1.1.1945 (A/Flt. Lieut.) As a still serving Sqd. Leader died 11.10.1962 R.A.F. Benson. Copy Lon. Gaz's & M.B.E. citation (not awarded). An unusual Officers L.S.G.C. allowed to claim as an Officer with the change of rules 1949 having previously had 15 years service in the ranks. V.F.

Tomlin family group to three brothers, one K.I.A. Gallipoli, another died & one survived.
1914-15 Star 1631 PTE. E. TOMLIN, MANC.R. British War Medal & Victory Medals 1631 PTE. E. TOMLIN, MANC.R. Ernest Tomlin born Manchester, Lancs., 1896, served in 1/6th Btn. Manchester Regiment & was Killed in Action, Gallipoli, Dardanelles 7.8.1915. commemorated on Helles Memorial, soldiers effects given to his sisters & 2 brothers William & Frank – medals included here. Copy picture of Ernest from newspaper, M.I.C., medal rolls, Soldiers effects, etc.
 Memorial Plaque (only) WILLIAM HENRY TOMLIN. William Henry Tomlin born Manchester, Lancs., 1890 served as 36312 Pte. W.H. Tomlin, 7th Leicester Regiment formerly 37693 Manchester Regt. & Died 6.2.1918 France & Flanders. Buried St. Sever Cemetery, Rouen. Copy M.I.C., C.W.G.C., Medal Roll, soldiers effects etc.
British War Medal & Victory Medals 243000 GNR. F.C. TOMLIN, R.A. Frank Cooper Tomlin, R.F.A. born Manchester, Lancs., 1888 oldest son in the Tomlin family. Medals E.F. Plq. Mint.
British War Medal & Victory Medals 7205 PTE. H.T. STIFF, 17 - LOND. R. (Poplar & Stepney Rifles) Died of Wounds  with 15th Royal Irish Rifles 30.10.1918 Henry Thomas Stiff 17th London Regiment & 15th Royal Irish Rifles from Walthamstow, London E.17. Copy M.I.C. (pair) C.W.G.C., Soldiers Died, Medal Roll, Graves Report Form - Manor Park Cemetery, East Ham, Essex, War Diary 1-31.10.1918. E.F.

British War Medal & Victory Medals GS-77847 PTE. E.J. ELLIOTT, R. FUS. Edward John Elliott from Belvedere, Kent. Killed in Action 28.9.1918. Novelles. Edward John Elliott, 17th Royal Fusiliers, son of Mr. & Mrs. of Prices Cottages, Crabtree, Manorway, Belvedere, Kent. Copy M.I.C. (pair) C.W.G.C. Flesquieres Hill Cemetery,  Soldiers Died, Medal Roll, Graves Report Form, War Diary 1-30.9.1918 (9 pages) 3 pages on attack at Novelles 28.9.1918. 'F' of Fus. partly obscured on B.W.M. only, otherwise G.V.F.

1914-15 Star TS.3811 J. TAYLOR, TR., R.N.R. British War Medal & Victory Medals 3811T.S., J. TAYLOR, TR., R.N.R. Trimmer John Taylor, born 24.1.1874 Buckhaven, Fife, Scotland. Address Deas Square, Buckhaven, Fife.  for all Awarded Naval Prize Money 1920 & 1923. Served on H.T. Eva, St. George (Eva), Wallington (Eva) & Gunner. Unusual rank. E.F.

1939-45 Star, War Medal, these unnamed; Geo. V. (Robed bust India Imp.) Efficiency Medal bar Territorial. 2208189 CPL. E. STACEY, R.E. Prisoner of  War, DUNKIRK 28.5.1940 with 8th Royal Lancashire Regiment. Cpl. E Stacey, King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster) Copy P.O.W. Roll (confirms Regt. Number on Efficiency Medal,  War Diary 28.4.1940-28.6.1940 & 'D' Coy narrative of events 25-31.5.1940 by Capt. Kelly. N.E.F.

Original black W.W.1. medal case of issue (only) for Distinguished Flying Cross (D.F.C.) Fine

Victorian CONTEMPORARY silver (not h/m) ribbon buckle with 2 hooks, fitment pin & clip complete.

Crimea 4 bars Alma, Balaklava, Inkermann, Sebastopol. GR & DR. 11th BTN. RL ARTY. Officially Impressed (No. 3 Co., 11th Btn., ‘F’ Bty., Royal Artillery);

India General Service 1854-95 two bars Burma 1885-7, Hazara 1888. 29642 SERGT. No. 3 BY. 1ST BDE. S.I. DIV. R.A. (South Irish Division, Royal Artillery) 20 combinations of these bars to unit;

Edw. VII Africa General Service 1902-56, 3 bars Aro 1901-02, N. Nigeria 1903, N. Nigeria 1904. PTE. LAGOS BN. W.A.F.F.;

G.S.M./C.S.M.'s including Sub. Lieut.'s Borneo;

A rare early Northern Ireland Operational British Empire Medal (Military) to Sergeant Michael John Stretton, Royal Corps of Signals who served in Northern Ireland from the start of the emergency in 1969 until 1972.
The period 1970-1971 saw the height of sectarian violence & introduction of Internment, where Sgt. Stretton the personal Radio Operator of the Deputy Brigade Commander, who in this role spent long periods in the streets of Belfast, found himself caught in the middle of riots in Belfast with his Land Rover 'Stoned' on several occasions. In 1971 his detachment were responsible for the controversial Internment Operation secure radio net 'Operation Demetrius';

India General Service 1854-95 one bar PERSIA GUNNER ARTILLERY;

1914 (Mons) Star 6028 PTE. C.GDS. Prisoner of War 14th Sept. 1914 Bruges, The BATTLE OF THE AISNE (CERNY). The 1st Cold. Gds.;

British War & Victory Medals, NORF. R. Memorial Plaque KILLED IN ACTION 1st Btn. HERTFORDSHIRE Regt. 1.11.1917;

THREE x R.A.F., W.W.1. pairs; 1 x B.W.M.'s R.N.A.S. (worth looking for village/town/name/rank collectors);

British War & Victory Medals Pte. R.A.F. learnt to fly as Pilot - Flight Cadet/2.Lieut. 1918, injured in aero accident 11.8.1918 on Caudron No. 3050 at 212 T.D.S. Netheravon, Wilts.;

British War Medal  A.M.2 R.N.A.S. Boy 2nd Class, in R.N. 7.12.1902 served H.M.S. Impregnable, Lion, Agincourt, Repulse, Jupiter, Roxburgh, Donegal, Leander, Victorious & Formidable & in that time “Run” 2.9.1906, 4.6.1907 both from H.M.S. Roxburgh, noted as DESERTED 7.6.1907;

W.W.1./W.W.2. with M.I.D. group Lieut. Gordons & Group Capt. R.A.F.;

Boy Mech., R.N. later Sjt. R.A.F., with Geo. V. L.S.G.C.;

The scarce I.G.S. 1854 with two bars, one of approx 47 to the whole British Army THIS COMBO; I.G.S. Rifle Brigade;

Belgian Croix de Guerre group Royal Scots;

Korea casualty pair;

M.M. group Warwick Regt.;  

in Misc. section - boxes - M.B.E., T.D. etc, M.G.S., A of India bars & carriages;

A Seaforth Highlanders Afghan pair, K.I.A. Kandahar mentioned in Roberts Despatch as “A GRAND SPECIMEN OF A HIGHLAND SOLDIER;

Army L.S. & G.C. Sergt. 28th Regt. officially dated 15th May 1857;

TWO W.W.1., M.M. & bar groups with citations;

Avon & Somerset Police group;

Q.S.A. wounded Glouc. Regt. ONE OF 10 IN THE ACTION;

W.W.1/W.W.2. Gren. Gds. & Geo. V. R.A.F. Long Service & Good Conduct Medal group;

Important British Diplomat Group of 4 to High Commissioner Sir Charles Roy Price K.C.M.G. (1950) C.M.G. (1942) late Royal Garrison Artillery. High Commissioner for the U.K. in SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND.




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