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2152 British War and Victory Medals. LIEUT. M. DE. LA. P. GARSIA.1939-45 Star, Defence & War Medals unnamed (Flying Officer, R.A.F.) Served 1st Btn. Som.L.I. 1915-18. Flying Officer R.A.F.V.R. 1940-44. Published "Criminal Law & Procedure in a Nutshell" & "Archbold's Criminal Law & Practice" Absent Voters List shows Clarence Rd., North Weston-Super-Mare. Lieutenant, P.A. Som. L.I. Copy M.I.C. (pair) address King's Cross, W.C.1., Merton College (Oxford) Register, The Law List N.E.F. £175


2151. British War and Victory Medals 201909 SJT. E. SUMSION, SOM.L.I., W.W.2. Defence Medal unnamed, Geo. V.I. Specials L.S.G.C. bars Long Service 1945, 1955, 1965. ERNEST SUMSION & A.R.P. Badge silver h/mark 1939. Copy M.I.C. (pair) Absent Voters List - Ringwood Rd., Twerton, Bath,Som.,  Sgt. 7th Som.L.I. Enlisted in the Specials 1938, awarded medal in 1941/42 (War service counted treble) 1st bar 1945, other bars in 1955 & 1965 for 10 year periods. W.W.1.'s V.F. others NE.F. £175


2153 British War Medal 36241 PTE.W.C. TURNER,SOM.L.I. Geo.V. I.G.S. bar Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919 36241 CPL. 2/SOM.LT.INFY. 1939-45, Burma Stars,War Medal, India War Medal (all W.W.2.'s unnamed) Geo.V. Army L.S.G.C. bar India (Robed bust,Indiae Imp.) S-CONDR. W.C. TURNER, I.O.A.C. Copy M.I.C. confirms B.W.M. only & I.G.S. 18 pages service papers, born Chiswick, London. Sjt. 1922, Staff Sjt. 1925, Sub Conductor 1930, Conductor 1938, Temp. Lieut. 1941, Lieut. 1946, Capt. 1946. I.O.A.C. Papers show he was 15 years 2 months when he enlisted, not 18 years 2 months ! V.F.  £375                                                                                                                                      


2010. British War Medal & Victory Medals. 5273 TPR. W. SPIBEY, 2-L.GDS. (Life Guards) Copy M.I.C. (Pair) & Discharge Papers (12 pages) from Salford. V.F.£135


 2010. Group of 3. 1914 Mons Star trio. (chocolate coloured Victory issue) 1045 PTE.F.S.LORD,1/28 LOND.R. (Artist's Rifles) & 2.LIEUT. (Devon Regt.) Killed in Action 2nd Devon Regt. 12.3.1915

Battle of NEUVE CHAPELLE. From Hornsey, London. Copy M.I.C., C.W.G.C., Artist's Rifles History, Officers Papers. E.F. £695


2119 1914 Mons Star, BNDSMN. A.H. WATHEN, 1/SOM.L.I. British War and Victory Medals PTE.

Bandsman Wathen was captured 26.8.1914 at LE CATEAU. The 1st Btn. Som.L.I. Record of Service gives WOUNDED & P.O.W. embarked 21.8.1914. Returned Leith 4.12.1918. Copy M.I.C. which does not show him claiming a Mon's bar, but certainly entitled ! V.F. £295


2091 1914 'Mons' Star L.1/3557. W.G.E.PHILLIPS, A.B. R.N.V.R. BENBOW BTTN. R.N.D. with ORIGINAL named box of issue. Copy 3 x Medal Rolls, C.W.G.C. , Service papers, from Stoke Newington N. Civil employment - Schoolmaster. Unofficially reported Prisoner of War in Germany. Died of pleurisy (chest injury -  wounds ??) 24.12.1914 buried Aachen, Germany. Mint £350


2087 British War and Victory Medals. LIEUT. R.H. BYERLEY. India General Service Medal bars Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919 & Waziristan 1921-24. 2-LT. R.H. BYERLEY, 2-119 INFY. Geo. V. General Service Medal bar Iraq. LIEUT. R.H. BYERLEY. Copy M.I.C. confirms pair & Iraq. V.F. £575


1894 British War & Victory Medals. R4149 W. HEWITT, A.B., R.N.V.R. KILLED IN ACTION, HAWKE BATTALION, ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION. Copy papers, C.W.G.C., War diary, grave picture etc. V.F. £185


2010 British War and Victory Medals. B.Z.4683 E.J.WOODLAND, SIG. R.N.V.R. & 3 Dog Tags. 1) BRISTOL Z/4683 Edgar J. Woodland. reverse stamped R.N.D. 2) J.E. Woodland R.N.D. 3) 14547897 J. Woodland all on one string.

Copy Medal roll (pair), R.N.D. & R.N.V.R. papers. From Ambergate, Derby. V.F. £90


1981 Group of 5. 1914-15 star trio SS.106687 A.WITHERS, STO 1., R.N., Royal Fleet Reserve L.S.G.C. SS.106687 CH.B.9463 A.WITHERS, STO 1., R.F.R., 1908 Messina Earthquake Medal (unnamed) Copy W.W.1. medal roll, service papers, served H.M.S. Ark Royal W.W.1., Messina Roll H.M.S. Duncan, L.S.G.C. roll. N.E.F. except 1 x e/k on Messina. £465


1968 Group of 3. 1914 Star 7366 PTE. G. OSBORNE, 1/SOM.L.I. British War and Victory Medals SJT., SOM.L.I. Copy M.I.C. entered Theatre 21.8.1914, Light Bob Gazette 1907,1908,1911. Good Mons trio to a pre war Pte. who survived W.W.1. 'start to finish' ending up a Sergeant. E.F. £175


1933  Group of 4. British War and Victory Medals 20056 WKR. G.M.GUNNER, Q.M.A.A.C. (Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps.) Edw. VII 1902 Coronation Medal Bronze, (in box of issue) Geo. VI Imperial Service Medal GRACE MARGARET GUNNER. Original newspaper cutting 'Honour for Bognor Postal Employee.....entered the service in 1902 & has served as sorting clerk & telegraphist of the Bognor Regis Head Post Office  ....during the Great War served from Nov. 1916 to Oct. 1919 as a signaller at Abbeville, Quevilly & Rouen & she was in Rouen under enemy machine-gun fire at the time of the signing of the Armistice. In addition to her Army duties Miss Gunner also served with the Q.M.A.A.C. & the British Red Cross. Copy of I.S.M. in Lon. Gaz. 10.7.1942, M.I.C. (pair) Sister of below casualty. Unusual group to a lady 'under fire'. V.F. £385


1932  Group of 3. 1914-15 Star, 2402 PTE.A.H.E.GUNNER, SUSS. YEO. British War and Victory Medals 2.LIEUT. A.H.E.GUNNER. Killed in Action 26.3.1918 1st day Battle of Rosieres (One of the 1st Battles of the Somme) With original picture of grave taken 11.11.1929 by the War Graves Wreath Company & original service card In Memory of Arthur Henry Edmund Gunner 2nd Lieut. 11th Royal Sussex Regt. Copy M.I.C., commissioned 31.10.1917 medals sent to Arundel, Sussex. Officers papers born Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Joined Sussex Yeo. 25.1.1915, served in Gallipoli 24.9. - 29.10.1915. C.W.G.C.  Parents & widow from Arundel. 3 Original full length unused ribbons. Brother of above. E.F. £575


1918 British War and Victory Medals. CAPT. A.G. CARMENT.  (R.A.M.C.)  As a Surgeon, Merchant Navy Killed aged 66, 8.5.1941 when the German Raider "PINGUIN" who had sunk 17 merchant ships including Clan Buchanan on 28.4.1941 & taken off survivors as P.O.W.'s was sunk by H.M.S. Cornwall 8.5.1941.

Andrew Gray Carment was born in India in 1873. He received his medical training at the University of Edinburgh, gaining a M.B., C.M. in 1896, B.Sc. in 1909, and M.D. in 1911. He was D.P.H., R.C.P.S. Edinburgh and R.F.P.S. Glasgow, 1920. During the Great War he was appointed a Temporary Lieutenant, R.A.M.C., October 1916 and Temporary Captain, October 1917. Served in East Africa, Malta, Macedonia and North Russia (August-October 1918). In the 1924 Medical Register his address is given as Tulagi on the British Solomon Island Protectorate. His M.I.C. confirms pair only but notes claimed 1914 Star 'ineligible' & also 'ineligible' for 1914-15 Star states "Capt. Carment did not appear to have served on the establishment of a unit of the British Ex. Force in E(ast) Af(rica) during the qualifing period". Presumably Carment was claiming his 1914 Star due to the collectors notes which say P.O.W. German East Africa Aug. 1914 of which I have been unable to confirm but as the M.O.D. says "not on a unit of the British Ex. Force" which doesn't mean to say he wasn't !! Just not in the right unit/place at the right time to qualify. Copy M.I.C., C.W.G.C., Medical Directory (1923) Pinguin/Cornwall action detail. E.F. £365


1791 B.W.M. & Victory Medals. R.6777 G.H. COATES, A.B., R.N.V.R. Anson Battalion, Royal Naval Division. WOUNDED 28.9.1918. Copy medal roll (pair) service papers, from Sheffield.V.F. £95


1179 1914-15 Star trio. TZ1180 T. SCOTT, A.B., R.N.V.R. (on Star) & K32137 STO.1.,R.N. on pair. HAWKE BTN.,Royal Naval Division 3.1.1915 - 8.4.16 then joined R.N. From Durham, ex miner. Copy medal roll, service papers. (note - the blackness on B.W.M. is uneven dark toning) E.F. £85




W.W.1. R.F.C./R.A.F. ITEMS.


4104. 1914 Mons Star, British War and Victory Medals A.E. DONCASTER, B.R.C.S. & O. St. J.J. & 2/LIEUT. R.A.F. Obs. 57 Sqd. (D.H.4.) Prisoner of War 8.8.1918. Copy M.I.C. says `Baltic & Corn Exchange Unit B.R.C.S.' for 1914 Star. Combat Report. Officers Service Papers from Stamford Hill, London. E.F. £595


4346. 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medals LIEUT. H.L. WAITE, W. RID. R. & LIEUT. R.F.C. Obs. 2 Sqd. (B.E.2e) for 7 months pre qualifying as a Pilot. in 19 Sqd. (Spads Single seater scout) Wounded 16.8.1917 (Spad). Copy two Combat Reports = one Out of Control & other Pilots for the actions, Casualty Report, M.I.C. Ex 10th West Riding Regt. Officers Service Papers from Cricklewood, London N.W.2. “Planes flown B.E.2e, Avro, Sopwith Pup, R.E.8, Spad, hours flown 100 as Pilot, 200 as Obs.” Mounted on bar as worn. V.F. £695


4033. 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medals 2593 PTE. J.H. HIRST, W. RID. R. & LIEUT. R.A.F. Obs. 10 Sqd. (AWFK.8) Lt. P.Lotz 4th of 10 Victories 12.4.1918. Copy Officers Service Papers from Cleckheaton, Yorks. V.F. £495


3340. 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medals 3270 PTE. P.H. WEST, 16 LOND. R. & 2.LIEUT. R.F.C. Obs. 22 Sqd. (F.E.2b) Wounded 23.4.1917 (“Bloody April”) Attacked by 6 E.A. shot down in flames. Lt. K. Schneider 8th of 15 Victories (picture & details). Copy 2 x Casualty Reports, 7 x Sqd. Record Book, M.I.C. Ex 16th London Regt & 2/Lieut. E.Surrey Regt. Commissioned 4.8.1916 (2/Lt. 5th E. Surrey R.) Officers Service Papers from Fulham, London S.W. N.E.F. £695


4616. British War Medal. LIEUT. C.A. BRADNAM, R.A.F. Obs/Gnr. 214 Sqd. (Handley Page O/400) Copies from Pilot's Log Book of all flights with him. N.E.F. £195


4326. British War Medal. LIEUT. H.H. RIEKIE, R.A.F. Pilot, 9 Sqd., (R.E.8.) Killed in Action 4.7.1918, The Battle of Hamel, dropping ammo boxes, with no Obs.which allowed the carrying of more ammo. boxes. Copy picture of aeroplane with streamers, going down in vertical dive on the day taken from the trenches  believed to be Riekie (as with streamers) & double page picture from `Knights of the Air' Time Life Books of this crashed plane. Three Combat Reports. Casualty Report 16.4.17 (`Bloody April') various parts of plane shot through on patrol as Obs. Pilot wounded & 4.7.1918 report. Officers Service Papers from Brockley, London. S.E.4., Article on these ammo drops - "unique air-to-ground operation on the Somme front 4.7.1918". E.F. £395


3362. British War Medal. LIEUT. R.L.G. SKINNER, R.A.F. Pilot, 46 Sqd. (Camel single seater Scout) Killed in Action 3.5.1918 Lt. P. Billik 14th of 31 Victories (The highest scoring German Ace NOT to be awarded the - Pour le Merite). Copy Aviator's Certificate picture, Officers Service Papers from Callander, Perth. Mentioned in "Winged Glory" 46 Sqd. Pages 92,93,95,96,126,135,136,156 & 159. 20 pages Sqd. Record Book. Billik details & picture. V.F. £395



5024. British War Medal. 2/LIEUT. J.B. STOCKBRIDGE, R.A.F. Test Pilot 1930's at Blackburn's. Test flew the `Blackburn Segrave' Copy all details & Officers Service Papers from East Yorks. M.I.C. (pair) ex Pte. 6th Lancs. Fus. Medals sent to North Ferriby, E. Yorks. Born Authurst, Cumb., live Kirklinton, Carlisle. Served in W.W.2. as Wing Commander, retires 1954 Group Captain. V.F. £195

4740. British War Medal. LIEUT. F.C. TROUP, R.A.F. Pilot, 23 Sqd., (Spad 7 & Sopwith Dolphin, single seater Scouts) Shot down 11.4.1917 ("Bloody April") Lt. F.O. Bernert, 18th of 27 Victories. - Pour le Merite holder (not in T.S.T.B. but info. from elsewhere) Wounded 31.8.1918. Copy one Combat Report & other Pilots for 31.8.18. Officers Service Papers from Bristol, Liverpool & London. Ex (8th) Innis. Fus. N.E.F. £335


3618. Victory Medal. LIEUT. R.G. LAWSON, R.A.F. Pilot, 73 Sqd. (Camel single seater Scout) Wounded & Prisoner of War 11.4.1918 Lt. F. Putter 20th of 25 Victories - Pour le Merite holder. Copy Officers Service Papers from Workington. V.F. £275


4036. British War, Mercantile Marine Medal and Victory Medals LIEUT. R.M. JOHNSON, R.A.F. & RALPH M JOHNSON. Copy Officers Service Papers from Barbados, British West Indies, confirm 3.5 years in Mercantile Marine, name as above. Flight Sub Lieut. On W.W.1. medal roll confirming W.W.1. pair. E.F. £395

4041. Group of 3. British War and Victory Medals LIEUT. C.G. BAKER, R.F.C. W.W.2. Defence Medal named CHARLES GEOFFERY BAKER. Pilot, 19 Sqd. (B.E.12 Single seater scout 1916) Took part in the Red Baron's fight on 16.10.1916 see page 23-24 of `Under the Guns of the Red Baron' 5th Victory (2.Lieut. J.Thompson, D.C.M. lost) Combat Report states `fight with a RED DOPED AIRCRAFT' this before it was known that Richthofen usually flew a red airplane, not normally known until after his 14th Victory. Copy 3 x Combat Reports - one E.A. unconfirmed etc. & 8 x others in his flights, 6 x Bomb Dropping Reports, 1 x Casualty Report, M.I.C. (pair) & Border Regt. Officers Service Papers from Buckingham Gate, London. Went to Highgate School. Mounted as worn on bar. N.E.F. £695


4290. British War and Victory Medals 2/LIEUT. A.V. COSGROVE, R.A.F. Pilot, 27 Sqd. (D.H.9's) Killed in Action 25.9.1918 ("Black September") Lt. S.Garsztka 4th of 6 or Lt. R. Greim 23rd of 28 Victories Pour le Merite holder. Copy Canadian Officers Service Papers (confirm W.W.1. pair) from Winnipeg, Canada. E.F. £695


4625. British War and Victory Medals 2/LIEUT. T.S. MANN, R.F.C. Pilot, 25 Sqd. (F.E.2b) Obs. 1.1.1916 - Sept. 1916. Copy Aviator's Certificate picture 5.2.1917. Officers Service Papers from Crediton, Devon. V.F. £495


4045. British War and Victory Medals 2.LIEUT. C.C. MARSDEN. Pilot, 16 Sqd. 1916, (B.E.2d&e) 7 Sqd. 1917(R.E.8.) Wounded 27.7.1917. Copy Combat report, M.I.C. (pair), Officers Service Papers from Hammersmith, London. V.F. £495


4181. British War and Victory Medals 2/LIEUT. T.H. MERCER, R.A.F. Pilot, 19 Sqd. (Sopwith Dolphin single seater Scout) Recommended for M.I.D. 19 Sqd. - not awarded. Copy M.I.C. (pair). 2 x Combat Reports - two Out of Control & others in Patrol. 4 x Sqd. Record Book. Officers Service Papers from Sherwood, Nottingham. E.F. (slight verdgris on Victory) £495


3613. British War and Victory Medals with issue boxes. LIEUT. M.A. PEACOCK, R.A.F. Pilot, 1 Sqd. (Nieuport single seater Scout) Prisoner of War, Karlsruhe, 9.10.1917, when attacked by 9 E.A. of Richthoven's Jasta 11 Sqd. & was Lt. F. Muller 2nd Victory. Copy M.I.C. sent to The University, Glasgow. Aviator's Certificate 5.6.1917 picture. Combat Report (2 copies) - one Out of Control. Officers Service Papers from Langside, Glasgow. After W.W.1. P.O.W. Report. N.E.F. £595


4019. British War and Victory Medals 2/LIEUT. L.W.C. PEARCE, R.A.F. Pilot, 218 Sqd. (D.H.9's) Prisoner of War 31.7.1918, Interned Holland. His D.H.9 was then used in the Dutch Air Force. Copy Combat Report 4.7.1918 for one E.A. destroyed, one Out of Control -Officers Service Papers from Prince's Ave., London N22 & Bromley, Kent. E.F. £395

4996. British War and Victory Medals with issue boxes. CAPT. E.M. POLLARD, R.F.C. Pilot, 3 Sqd. 1916 (Morane single seater Scout) 25 Sqd. (F.E.2b) Killed as a Sqd. Ldr. flying 26.7.1925 as a passenger of a Vickers Vernon at Hinaidi - copy pictures of crash & The Times report. Copy Aviator's Certificate 23.8.1915 picture, 3 Sqd. Moranes. 10 pages of his W.W.1. War experiences. 12 x Sqd. Record Books, M.I.C. (pair) & Lieut. 6 West Yorks. In command 6 Armoured Car Co., Iraq 1925. E.F. £595

4117. British War and Victory Medals LIEUT. A.E. STEEL, R.A.F. Pilot, 206 Sqd. (D.H.9's) Killed in Action 3.5.1918 Lt. K. Pech, 4th of 9 Victories. Copy M.I.C. (pair), 2 x Casualty Report, 4 x Sqd. Record Book. Officers Service Papers from High Wycombe, Bucks. C.W.G.C. & 21st Middlesex Regt. Family from Stoke Newington, London. Picture Arras Memorial & close up of name on panel. E.F. £595


4022. British War and Victory Medals LIEUT. S.W. THOMPSON, R.F.C. Pilot, 15 Sqd. ( B.E.2c) Copy three Combat Reports 1916, Aviator's Certificate PICTURE, M.I.C. (pair) & Lieut. (9th) Royal Scots. Fusiliers. Officers Service Papers from Co. Durham & Wimbledon Common, London. S.W.19. Sqd. article. N.E.F. £595


4177. Geo. V. Territorial War Medal. 2.LIEUT. J.T. WYRE, DORSET R. Obs. 59 (R.E.8) Dec. 1917 -March 1918 & 15 Sqd's. (R.E.8) March 1918 - End of War. Copy group picture & blow up from group picture, One Combat Report. M.I.C. Ex Cpl. R.E., 2/Lieut. Dorset Regt. Commissioned 24.1.1917. Officers Service Papers from West Bromwich &Selly Oak, Birmingham. N.E.F. £395


4323. British War Medal. 103624 2.A.M. J.M. DIXON, R.F.C. Obs. 5 Sqd., (R.E.8.) Copy 2 Combat Reports - 1 x Out of Control 24.9.1917. O.R.'s papers from Gateshead, Durham. Contact marks otherwise N.V.F. £195


3368 British War Medal. 2/LIEUT. F.C.B. PHILLIPS, R.A.F. Observer, 11 Sqd. (B.F2b) Copy Officers Services & his Pilots (on 1.6.1918) Officers Papers M.I.C. (pair) Devon R & 2.Lieut. R.A.F. address McBean Rd., Wolverhampton. Casualty Report & Casualty Card for 1.6.1918 cancelled 3.6.18 as `machine now located', one card noted `Is he alive'. This Bristol Fighter (C4846)was claimed by German Ace Ltn. A. Hets Jasta 37, 1st of 6 victories noted in various books as Phillips. Details of Hets. E.F. £195


4199. British War Medal.CAPT. A.R. HUDSON, R.A.F. Pilot, 70 Sqd., (Camel, single seater Scout) Prisoner of War 16.8.1917. Original full length picture, Copy 7 Combat Reports, M.I.C. - Scottish Horse & R.A.F., Recommended for Reward - with citation “Showed exceptional capacity as a Pilot & great courage & resource in numerous engagements”. Officers Service Papers from Bylaugh, Norfolk. Died there 1928 aged 33. 2 slight silver test marks 2-3 o/clock otherwise N.E.F. £325


4410. British War Medal. LIEUT. B.A. POWERS. Pilot, 19 Sqd. (Spad, single seater Scout) Killed in Action 29.7.1917 Lt. R. Berthold 24th of 44 Victories - details & picture of Berthold - Pour le Merite holder. Copy Aviator's Certificate 12.11.1916 picture, seven Combat Reports - 2 victories. Officers Service Papers from Highgate, London. M.I.C. Ex. Lieut. Middx. R. N.E.F. £395


3822. Victory Medal. 2.LIEUT. E.H. CLAYTON, R.A.F. Obs. 98 Sqd. (D.H.9's) Prisoner of War & Died of Wounds as P.O.W. 11.8.1917. Lt. E. Udet 52nd of 62 Victories, Pour le Merite holder (Highest surviving German ACE of W.W.1.) Copy Officers Service Papers from Ventnor, Isle of Wight. V.F. £295


4397. British War and Victory Medals LIEUT. P.R. BEARE, R.A.F., 1937 Coronation Medal (unnamed). Pilot, 80 Sqd. (Sopwith Camel, single seater Scout) Wounded 14.6.1918. Lt. U.Neckel 12th of 30 Victories - Pour le Merite holder. Copy Canadian Officers Service Papers born Toronto, Canada, lived Saskatchewan, Canada. Served C.A.S.C., in W.W.2. Mounted court style, Coronation not confirmed - in Canadian List ? N.E.F. £595


3821. British War and Victory Medals LIEUT. C.F. BROWN, R.A.F. Pilot, 203 Sqd. (Sopwith Camel, single seater Scout) Prisoner of War, Died of Wounds 27.7.1918. Lt. P.Billik 27th of 31 Victories Victories (The highest scoring German Ace NOT to be awarded the - Pour le Merite). Copy picture of Brown. Four Combat Reports - three Victories. Officers Service Papers from Dundee.

B.W.M. - V.F., Vict. E.F. No M.I.C. nor listed under R.N.A.S. roll (copy) therefore pair only issued by R.A.F. £950


4602. British War and Victory Medals LIEUT. E.A. ELLIOTT, R.A.F. Geo. V. (coinage head) Special Constabulary L.S.G.C. SERGT. ERNEST A. ELLIOTT. Pilot, 83 Sqd. (F.E.2b) Copy Aviator's Certificate picture. Officers Service Papers. V.F. £385


3630. British War and Victory Medals 2.LIEUT. H. FAULKS, R.A.F. Obs. 8 Sqd. (AWFK 8) Died of Wounds 8.8.1918. Copy Combat Report for 8.8.1918 attacked by 5 single seater Scouts, Battle of Amiens. Officers Service Papers from Cathays, Cardiff. V.F. £595


4056. British War and Victory Medals with 1 issue box. 2.LIEUT. A.H. FRANCIS, R.F.C. Pilot, 20 Sqd. (F.E.2b) Wounded 21.5.1916. Copy Aviator's Certificate picture, M.I.C. (pair) 2/Lieut. Sussex R. & Lieut. R.F.C./R.A.F. Officers Service Papers from Brompton, London & lived Eastbourne, Sussex. E.F. £595


3940. British War and Victory Medals 2/LIEUT. C.L. HURST, R.A.F. Pilot, 209 Sqd. (Sopwith Camel, single seater Scout) One E.A. Scout Out of Control  8.10.1918. Copy Combat Report. Officers Service Papers from Leigh-on-Sea. V.F. £495


4686. British War and Victory Medals. 2.LIEUT. W.F.E.DE.B. MACLAREN, R.F.C. (full name William Frederick Earle De Bois MacLaren) Pilot, 4 Sqd. (R.E.8.) WOUNDED 16.6.1917. Copy M.I.C. (pair) Ex Liverpool Regt., address Portland Place, London W.1. Officers Service Papers from Rosneath, Scotland. E.F. £575


4218. 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medals 17-68 CPL. J.J. AMBLER, NORTH'D FUS. & 2.LIEUT. R.A.F. Obs. 48 Sqd. (Bristol F2B - Bristol Fighter) Prisoner of War 2.9.1918 (“Black September”) Lt. Hobein 3rd of 6 Victories or Lt. Barnekow 5th of 11. The R.A.F. on 2nd Sept. 1918 lost 42 airman. Original W.W.2. Defence Medal letter from 'Cheshire Territorial Army & Air Force Association' with attached piece of ribbon (medal not present) Copy Officers Service Papers from Acomb, York. G.V.F. £495

3974. 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medals P.S-8716 PTE. J. FROST, R. FUS. & LIEUT. R.A.F. Obs. 48 Sqd. (Bristol F2B - Bristol Fighter) Prisoner of War, Interned Holland 29.9.1917.

 Three E.A. Victories. Copy picture of this captured Bristol Fighter in Danish colours. Combat Reports. M.I.C. Officers Service Papers from Ipswich & Gorton, Manchester. (see Pilot's Victory Medal listed below - Lieut. F.L. Smith) V.F. £695


4891. 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medals 1156 SJT. C. WATSON, ESSEX R. & 2.LIEUT. C.E. WATSON, R.A.F. Pilot, 23 Sqd. (Spad, Single seater scout) One E.A. Out of Control (between 1-7th July 1918). Copy M.I.C. confirms both sets of initials, Ex L/Sgt., Essex Regt. Medals sent Chingford, Essex. Officers Service Papers, Grenville St., Barking Rd., London E. Mounted on bar with large safety pin. N.E.F. £495


3863. 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medals 2.LIEUT. J.M.R. MILLER, K.O.S.B. (King's Own Scottish Borderers) & LIEUT. R.F.C. Obs. 22 Sqd. (Bristol F2B - Bristol Fighter) Wounded 2.2.1917, 2 Combat Reports, one Destroyed 28.1.1916. Copy picture (group & single), M.I.C. 1st served Dardanelles. Officers Service Papers from Leamington Spa & Tollcross/Carmyle, Glasgow. (small patch of verdigris on reverse of Victory Medal) otherwise E.F. £695


2096 British War and Victory Medals LIEUT. A.T. HUGHES. Awarded M.B.E. 10.10.1919 as Flying Officer. Copy from N.A., shows R.A.F. Middle East, 64 Wing for M.B.E., service papers from East Finchley, London N2.  M.I.C. shows entitled 1914-15 Star as Q.M. & Lieut. Scottish Rifles.Only man this name/rank, M.I.C.'s & Air Force List. E.F. £200


1934. Victory Medal named to LIEUT. H.R. GUNNER, R.A.F. pilot, 111 Sqd. Copy M.I.C. Sussex Yeo., & 111 Sqd. Copy Officers Service Papers from Redhill, Surrey. 111 Sqd. (S.E.5's & Nieuport single seater Scouts) Formed in Palestine 1.8.1917 as a fighter Sqd. to support the Army in it's offensive against the Turks in Palestine & Syria. Served W.W.2. E.F. £135


4925 Group of 4. 1914-15 Star, LIEUT. A.J. BOWERMAN, SOM.L.I., British War and Victory Medals LIEUT.

Plaque ARTHUR JAMES BOWERMAN. Observer, 22 sqd., (FE2b), K.I.A 9.9.1916. Officers Papers, Ex Artist's Rifles. 1 x Combat Report (1 x `C' type destroyed 25.8.16), Casualty report. Picture of his Pilot Lt. H. Strathy-Mackay. Early casualty. N.E.F. £1550


4276 PAIR. British War and Victory Medals. 2.LIEUT. D.S. ANDERSON, R.A.F. Pilot, 100 Sqd., (F.E.2b). Prisoner of War 15.5.1918. Copy Officers Services from Wallington, Surrey. One spot verdries on Victory. N.E.F. £300


4661 PAIR. 1914 Mons Star, 34 PTE. L. COLLIER, 5/LOND. R., British War Medal. LIEUT. L.W. COLLIER, R.A.F. Observer, 53 Sqd. (R.E.8’s) Wounded 31.7.1917. Copy M.I.C. confirms 34 ‘L’ is Lieut. ‘L.W.’, R.F.C. also ‘commissioned Somerset L.I. 5.4.1915’ Officers Services from Beckenham, Kent. Educated Wadham College, Oxford. Officers Papers. Bullet wound in arm on Close Patrol 31.7.1917. Nice low number on Mon’s Star. E.F. £275


4227. Group of 3. 1914-15 Star, 3749 PTE. D. GALE, H.A.C. (3/Honourable Artillery Company, machine-gunner) British War and Victory Medals CAPT., R.A.F. Observer, 18 Sqd. (D.H.4’s) Copy M.I.C. Commissioned Captain, 10th Lanc. Fus. Officers Services from Lincoln’s Inn, London, died 13.11.1969. Officers Papers. Combat Reports 19.5.1918, against 5 Albatross, flight claimed 1 x O.O.C. & 1 x Driven Down; 20.5.1918 One E.A. in flames Estaires, against 7 E.A. Phalz. New type. “The LEADER came under my tail; I swung the machine & my Observer (Gale) got a good burst into him, He dived down & zoomed up again over my tail. My Observer then got another good burst into him & I saw him go down in flames”. Casualty report for this day “machine was badly shot about during combat with E.A.”. Casualty reports for crashes by his Pilot’s 23.5 & 25.5, 31.5 & 29.6.1918. WOUNDED 31.7.1918 on Bombing Raid to DOUAI, 2 x Combat Reports from others on this raid. Dark toned E.F. £475


4696 Victory Medal. 2/LIEUT. L.B. IRISH, R.A.F. Pilot, 45 Sqd., (Sopwith Camel, single seater fighter) Copy detail from 45 Sqd. History - 1 x O.O.C. Rumpler C, Erbeviller 10.10.1918, Italy. Copy group picture & blow up of Lt. Irish. Officers Services from New Malden, Surrey. N.E.F. £250


3977 Pair. British War and Victory Medals. LIEUT. T. LLEWELLYN, R.A.F. Observer, 99 Sqd., (D.H.9’s) Copy Officers Services from Roath Park, Cardiff, South Wales. Officers Papers. 99 Sqd., 18 pages Bomb Raid Reports. Combat Report 6.11.1918 – Pfalz DIII scouts “About 20 E.A. attacked rear of formation over Buhl & 3 E.A. attacked the tail of above machine (Llewellyn) just after dropping the bombs. The Observer (Llewellyn) fired a drum into the nearest machine & saw him go down in a steep sideslip with smoke issuing from machine for about 4000 feet. He could not follow him down further owing to the other two machines attacking (his) tail”. Bomb Raid Report says 20 E.A. attacked the formation & one shot down in flames & 3 others Out of Control (one of which was seen to crash) 1 x D.H.9 not returned, 1 Pilot wounded. N.E.F. £300


3368 British War Medal. 2/LIEUT. F.C.B. PHILLIPS, R.A.F. Observer, 11 Sqd. (B.F2b) Copy Officers Services & his Pilots (on 1.6.1918) Officers Papers M.I.C. (pair) Devon R & 2.Lieut. R.A.F. address McBean Rd., Wolverhampton. Casualty Report & Casualty Card for 1.6.1918 cancelled 3.6.18 as ‘machine now located’, one card noted ‘Is he alive’. This Bristol Fighter (C4846)was claimed by German Ace Ltn. A. Hets Jasta 37, 1st of 6 victories noted in various books as Phillips. Details of Hets. E.F. £195


3669 Victory Medal. 2/LIEUT. L. SHARP, R.A.F. Observer, 9 (R.E.8) & 52 Sqd. (R.E.8) Wounded (Black September) 2.9.1918, Copy Officers Services from Bradford, Yorkshire. Officers Papers, M.I.C. (pair). Casualty Card x 2 ‘gun shot wound – side’. Claimed by Ltn. M. Dehmisch Jasta 58, 5th of 10 victories. The top scorer of Jasta 58. The R.A.F. lost at least 3 R.E.8’s to fighters. No 52 Sqd. Sent 9 machines to bomb Vitry & the last ‘vic’ of three were shot up & force landed in Allied lines. Service details on Dehmisch. V.F. £195


3934 Victory Medal. LIEUT. F.L. SMITH, R.A.F. Pilot, 48 Sqd. (B.F2b) Interned Holland 29.9.1917. Officers Services from Clifton, Bristol. Officers Papers, Redland, Bristol. Casualty Report ‘Machine was last seen in the formation near ZEEBRUGGE, with engine failing. It was seen to turn off from the formation & plane down in the direction of Holland. Letters from 2/Lt. F.L. Smith & 2/Lt. J. Frost received through War Office stating that they are both interned in Holland. P.O.W Reports of Smith & Frost. Both state ‘shot down by A.A. fire’. Article “INTERNED !” says ‘after an airfight between British & German machines it landed between Sluis & Zuidzande, shows pictures of the Bristol Fighter in Dutch colours after it was bought in 1918. 48 Sqd. Article. There you have it ! 3 different stories, engine trouble, airfight with E.A., or A.A. fire, you would take it the Pilot & Obs. P.O.W. Reports after the war, got it right ‘as they were there’. N.V.F. £195



4751 PAIR. British War and Victory Medals. LIEUT. R.E. MACBETH, R.A.F. Pilot, (H.P.400) Killed while flying 19.8.1918 U.K. Copy Aviator’s Certificate 19.5.1916 address 60, Brock Ave., Toronto, Canada. Officers Services same address as above & father at 152, Springfield Ave., Toronto, Canada. Worked in Canada 1910-1914. Officers Papers. Air Ministry Accident Department report 19.8.1918 on 7 men on H.P.400 No. D 4593. The 2 page report includes technical detail & states” Lieut. R.E. Macbeth was flying Handley Page No. D4593 for it’s test flight & was instructing Lt. Bravery. The machine was seen at a height of 500 feet with the fabric of the lower port plane flying out behind. A loud report was heard & the machine turned & got into a nose dive. On nearing the ground it seemed to right itself, but fell to the earth with both engines full on & was wrecked. The pilot & passengers were killed”. 5 page article from Cross & Cockade Vol. 36 No.3. titled “A MIDLAND AEROPLANE DISASTER”. THE SEARCH FOR AN H.P.0/400 CRASH SITE. Article includes pictures of the wreckage, crash site, headstones including MacBeth which is in St. Michael’s churchyard, Maxstoke. ORIGINAL 5 page letter 2.10.1917 to his mother in Canada. Mint. £465


4109 PAIR. British War and Victory Medals. LIEUT. A.G. MACKAY. Observer, 12 Sqd., Killed in Action 18.5.1917. Copy Officers Services from Montreal, Canada. Ex Lieut. 20 Res. Batt. C.E.F. Canadian Officers Papers. Born Hamilton, Ontario. Served with 58th Westmount Rifles. Daily Reports of flights from 12 Sqd. 26.4.17-10.5.1917. Casualty Report states “Was attacked by 6 E.A. at 4500 ft. The Pilot & Observer apparently did not see enemy patrol until it was too late when they all dived at the machine firing. The Observer apparently returned the fire. The machine appeared to crumple up & dive to earth, the wings folding upwards & backwards. The Pilot & Observer were killed”. Victory claimed by Pour le Merite holder Ltn. K. ALLMENRODER as his 15th victory of 30. Biography, German claim list & picture of Allmenroder. Mint. £595


3703 Victory Medal. LIEUT. P.W.J. TIMSON, R.A.F. Pilot, 57 Sqd., (D.H.4.) Killed in Action 26.9.1918 (Black September) Copy picture of Timson & grave (private family memorial, Charing (Kent) Cemetery) M.I.C. (no medals indicated) states ‘Dead 26.9.18’. C.W.G.C. The Towers, Charing, Kent. Officers Services from Charing, Ashford, Kent. Officers Papers. 2 x Casualty Cards, 23 x Bomb Dropping Reports, Casualty Report 1.7.18 (crash); 26.9.1918. Combat Reports 16.9.1918 3 formations (15) Fokker Biplanes – 1 Fokker DVII destroyed crashed/flames Timson wounded in this action & various from others on patrol with Timson. Victory of Pour le Merite holder Ltn. F. Rumey Jasta 5 his 43rd of 45 victories. Picture & write up of Rumey. Various research into this confirming Rumey’s victory & not Treiber’s who also shot one down from the patrol. V.F. £225


4186 TWO CASUALTY BROTHERS British War Medal’s. LIEUT.W.G. WARN. Observer, 18 Sqd., (F.E.2b) Killed in Action 23.9.1916. Wallace Gordon Warn Copy picture from Aviator’s Certificate 27.1.1916. Casualty Card, C.W.G.C. from Portsmouth. M.I.C. (pair) Lieut. (10th) R. Sussex Regt. Officers Services. Officers Papers. Sqd. Record Book. Casualty Report 24.9.1916 Patrol – bombs to be dropped on LES BOEUFS. A hostile machine was seen following. Machine descended apparently safely in German Lines. P.O.W. Report from Pilot states Lt. Warn(e) wounded & killed.

BROTHER. British War Medal. 2/LT. A.H. WARN. Died 29.3.1918. Archibald Herbert Warn, South African Service Corps, Died 29.3.1918. Copy C.W.G.C., South African Officers papers (trio issued) Medical Board report - disability received at Nubibus German South West Africa May 1915. Both E.F. £295


4580 1914-15 Star. KP.429. A.J. MITCHELL, L.S., R.N.V.R. Aerial Gunner, 3Sqd., (Morane Parasol) Copy O/R's services, states wounded 10.4.1917 (Bloody April) R.N.D. Papers, Anson Btn., from Liverpool, R.N.V.R. Papers (confirms R.N.D., R.N.V.R., R.F.C. Service) Casualty reports 5.4.1917, Pilot crashed machine, Obs., slight cuts to head; 10.4.1917 same Pilot crashed on landing, due to a snow storm while on Reconnaissance, Near Albert. Pilot died of his injuries, Obs. wounds not serious. NOTE :- B.W.M. & Victory Medals to SGT. A.J. MITCHELL, R.F.C. sold Jan. 1989 "The Courier" Capital Medals item 217 (copy page supplied) I will buy this pair if owner wishes to sell. Trade in R.F.C. given as Misc. Aerial Gunner. Trade in R.A.F. given as Aerial Gunner. Date of joining 16.3.1917 for duration of war. Last promotion 1.4.1917. N.E.F. £265


3358 British War Medal. 2-LT. A.H. STEELE. Observer 16 Sqd., (B.E.2c) Died of Wounds 5.2.1917. Copy Photo from Institute of Civil Engineering Memorial Book & portrait picture from (Pilot's) Aviator's Certificate 24.9.1916, officers services, officers papers, M.I.C. (pair) issued by the Army 2/Lieut., R.F.C. Lincoln's Inn, London.(hence 2-LT. as type of naming for this rank on B.W.M.)  Combat Report 10.11.1916 E.A. - L.V.G. , Casualty Report 4.2.1917 'both Pilot & Obs. are seriously wounded' Combat Report of other Pilot on the Patrol 16 Sqd., & Jasta B article. Victory of Ltn. Konig Jasta 2, 4th of 6 Victories. Details & group picture of Konig. V.F. £265

4154 British War and Victory Medals. LIEUT. P.W.L. JARVIS, R.A.F. Defence & War Medals unnamed, Geo. VI. Efficency Medal & bar. LT. P.W.L. JARVIS, R.A.S.C.

Pilot 39 Sqd. (B.E.12) Copy group picture (as above)  Casualty cards both 39 Sqd (Home Defence) 13.4.1918. 'The Air Defence of Britain' Cole & Cheeseman (1st Battle of Britain) copies of flights 39 (H.D.) Sqd. North Weald, Bassett 12.8.17 (day), 4-5.9.17 (night), 24-25.9.17 (night),28-29.9.17 (night), 29-30.9.17 (night), 30.9-1.10.17 (night), 31.10-1.11.17 (night) 18-19.12.17 (night) & Pilot's Report's 24.9.17, 28.9.17 'chased light, probably this was Capt. Clark B.E.2e also up that night', 29-30.9.17, 18-19.12.17. Jarvis's search area was usually North Weald - Ware - Romford - Hoddesdon - Chingford - Enfield. All 'chasing' Gothas & Giant's sighting/reports at NIGHT their target was LONDON, which was bombed.  G.V.F. £375


4843 Group of 2.British War and Victory Medals. 2.LIEUT. H. RIDLEY, R.A.F.

Observer, (D.H.9) 98 Sqd., Wounded 22.7.1918. Copy service details from Carlisle, Cumberland, flew Sopwith Snipes after W.W.1. Service Papers. N.E.F. £325



4372 British War Medal. LIEUT. J. TALBOT, R.A.F.

Pilot, 9 Sqd. (R.E.8) from 29.4.18 then 52 Sqd., (R.E.8) Wounded 6.9.1918 (Black September) 'Combat with H.A.'

Lt. M. Dehmisch 7th of 10 Victories. Copy M.I.C. Pte. Cam. High., 2.Lt., H.L.I., & Lt., R.F.C. (trio) sent to Pollokshields, Glasgow. Service details. Dehmisch details/victory. N.E.F. £195



4000 British War Medal. LIEUT. W.T.J. ATKINS, R.A.F.

Pilot, (D.H.9) 98 Sqd., Prisoner of War 17.6.1918. Copy M.I.C., Service papers from London S.E.11. Ex 3/16th London Regt. (Queen's Westminster Rifles) Went to Dover County School & King's College, London. Sqd. Record Book 6 machines bombing Cambrai Railway Station `Attacked by about 20 E.A.'s, one of our machines was shot down & another seen to land under control (Atkins) “was seen to drop bombs”, Combat Report for those that got back, 2 x destroyed 1 x O.O.C., Casualty Report, published article on Atkins P.O.W. mail from various P.O.W. Camps, Ingoldstadt, Baden, Karlsruhe, Landshut, Graudenz Pillau. One edge knock 8 o/c (see pic.) otherwise N.V.F.£235


4664 British War Medal. 2.LIEUT. J.W. NEIL, R.A.F.

Observer, (D.H.9) 108 Sqd., Killed in Action 6.10.1918. Copy C.W.G.C. from Willington Quay, Northumberland, Nr. Newcastle on Tyne. Service details, casualty report Pilot & Obs both K.I.A. Victory of Flgmt. C. Kuring 4th of 5 victories from MARINE-Feldjagdstaffel Nr.V., N.V.F. £265


5042 British War Medal. LIEUT. R.E. LINDSAY, R.A.F.

Pilot, (single seater Sopwith Camel) 46 Sqd., Wounded 27.3.1918. Copy service details, from Wormit, Fife. C.W.G.C. died 6.12.18 typhoid fever. N.E.F. £235


4153 Victory Medal. LIEUT. A.O. BENTLEY, R.A.F. & box of issue, base marked ANNETTE, presume a family share out of medals between children.

Pilot, 23 Sqd., (single seater Sopwith Dolphins) Wounded 31.8.1918, (5 x Dolphin casualties on this date)

1 x O.O.C.  29.6.1918. Copy Service details  from Nottingham. Officers Papers. 4 x Combat Reports, Casualty Report. N.E.F. £175


3949 Victory Medal. 2.LIEUT. S.B. POTTER, R.A.F.

Pilot, 214 Sqd., (Handley-Page 0/400) Interned Holland 30.6.1918. Copy Service details from Seven Kings, Essex. H.P. losses to direct enemy action - 30.6.18 2/Lt. S.B. Potter/Lt. J.D. Vance/Sgt. R.G. Kimberley. Target Stahillebrugge; claimed on 2.7.18 by Uffzs. Muschen Kraatz of Schlasta 16, as shot down '...2335-2359 hrs. S.E. of Wulpen" Died 1.10.1971. Picture of Lt. J.D. Vance. E.F. £175


1995 British War Medal. 139203. Pte. 2. T.Davenport. R.A.F., Couple e/k's otherwise N.V.F. £25


2001 British War and Victory Medals. 407853. 2.A.M. H.J.Cook. R.A.F., V.F. £45






2148 1914 Mons Star & bar (genuine), British War and Victory Medals 9310 PTE. F.G. MASTERS, 1/SOM.L.I. The Som. L.I. Record of Service shows Admitted 20th Field Ambulance 'gun shot wound, head, 2nd. July 1916' presumably received 1st day Battle of the Somme. A full account of the Battalion's fatethat day maybe found in the Regt. History, in short......having advanced in 'magnificent style' to the enemy's front line, desperate fighting with bomb & bayonet broke out. Meanwhile devastating enemy fire  from the 'QUADRILATERAL' also contributed to the Battalion's  final tally of  464 casualties on the day of the Battle of the Somme. Copy M.I.C., S.W.B. C/432/1. V.F. SOLD


2147.1914 Mons Star & bar (genuine), British War and Victory Medals 9549 PTE. E.G. HANCOCK, 1/SOM.L.I. K.I.A. 25.5.1915 Battle of Bellewaarde Ridge - last action in the Battles of Ypres 1915. Born Morrington Common, Melksham, Wilts. Lived Corsham, Wilts. Copy M.I.C., C.W.G.C. etc. E.F. SOLD


2149 1914 Mons Star (Colman) & bar (genuine), British War and Victory Medals 6975 PTE. W. COLEMAN,  1/SOM.L.I. The Som. L.I. Record of Service shows he was missing 26.8.1914 at LE CATEAU, embarked 21.8.1914. Arrived Hull 16.12.1918. Original letter Y.M.C.A. 16th April 1915, B Section, B Company, 1st. Som L.I. B.E.F. Belgium...'The Hun have kept us very busy as well they seem to enjoy testing our resolve but we make them pay for it I can tell you. I've picked up the enclosed things over the last few days. Their last owners won't want them anymore...... I thought you might like the big badge yourself..... There is a 1 Mark, 50 Mark (dated 1914) & 1000 Mark note (dated 1910) , a large white metal German Badge 'In Treue fest' most of crown missing with a bullet hole beneath that. Other items are mini & full size W.W.1. ribbon bar with rosette, 2 brooched Som.L.I. Badges & one complete capbadge (slider fixing), top of Christmas 1914 tobacco tin. Copy M.I.C. cutting from newspaper "The Somerset Prisoners in Germany" mentions Pte. W. Coleman.

Not sure how Coleman was P.O.W. Aug. 1914 but sending a Y.M.C.A. letter home with War Souvenirs in April 1915 ! Escaped ?? small e/k 6 o/c reverse of B.W.M. otherwise N.E.F. RESERVED